What Happened to Fr3Sh10? The Tiktok Star Who Died in A Motorcycle Crash!

It has been reported that @fr3sh10, a popular TikTok user who went by the username “Fresh,” was killed in a motorcycle accident.
The name Fr3sh is well-known among bikers on TikTok, so you undoubtedly know who they are. If you don’t, you’re missing out big time.
As a popular YouTuber, he gained notoriety among bikers by documenting his adventures on two wheels around Canada.
Tributes to the late Fr3sh, who passed away last week, have been pouring into social media.
Exactly who was Fr3sh? Finally, what became of him?

Where Did Fr3Sh10 Go?

Canadian-Ottawanian Fouad Haddad became famous on the video-sharing platform TikTok under the username Fr3sh10.
The 30-year-old was famous for his bicycling videos and had 270,000 followers on his profile @fr3sh10.


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Fre3sh10 had a serious motorcycle obsession, and his upbeat videos had been liked more than 3.5 million times combined.

Fr3Sh10 Was Killed on His Motorcycle.

Fr3sh was killed in a motorcycle accident this week.
According to the Ottawa Citizen, Fouad Haddad passed away on Wednesday night after a motorcycle accident in the Perth area.
At 7:23 p.m. on Wednesday, he was involved in an accident on Bennet Lake Road in Tay Valley township, which is located northwest of Perth.
According to reports, the crash only involved one vehicle and no additional individuals. However, the incident’s root cause has yet to be determined.

Social Media Is Overrun with Homage Post in Honor of Fouad.

tiktok motorcycle accident

Tributes to Fr3sh, a 30-year-old TikTok star, are pouring in after his untimely death.
On Twitter, a supporter mourned the death of Fr3sh10 with the message, “RIP Fr3sh10. We’ll never forget the laughs you made possible with your unique brand of goofiness and endearing personality.

“Fr3sh10, a user whose content I enjoyed watching on TikTok, has died away. When I was feeling down, he always managed to make me laugh and make me feel better. Another added, “I know you’ve traded in your wheels for wings, but… you’ll always hold a special place in our hearts.”
“So I’ve been watching TikTok for like an hour or two straight and found out one of my favorite creators passed away, may you Ride in heaven dear buddy (Fr3sh10),” said a third user.
Several of Fouad’s fellow cyclists have also posted tributes to him on TikTok.
At the scene of Fre3sh’s accident, several individuals have left their motorbike helmets as a mark of respect, as was captured on film by @rockstarducati.
TikTok star Donovan Ruckman, who has 1.2 million fans, also posted a video in his honor.
When we finally did meet, I said we’d have a drink. Unfortunately, I’ll have to serve you from the kitchen. You have and always will have our undying love. He urged us to “Ride in Paradise.”
He captioned the photo, “Ride in Paradise @fr3sh10. Put aside a bicycle for the next time we meet. We shall always remember you.
tiktok motorcycle accident
Another rider with 2.3 million followers on TikTok, @the motovated life, said:
Many of you know by now that our brother Fr3sh was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday night. And I wanted to quickly post a reminder that nothing in life is ever certain.
“Reach out to loved ones, whether they’re close by or you haven’t talked to them in a while. Express your love by saying “I love you” to them. He went on, “And if you do happen to see them, give them a very hearty bear embrace.
He went on to express his “so grateful” ness for his time spent with Fr3sh and to invite his supporters to share their own expressions of gratitude in the comments.
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