TikTok Ratio: What Does It Mean?

Multiple social media sites, including TikTok and Twitter, make use of the word “ratio.” Despite the fact that the term “ratio” can be used in a few different contexts, it’s usually best to steer clear of it.

What Is a Ratio on Tik Tok?

In the context of social media, a ratio specifies the specific relationship between various types of interaction. A ratio is based on the relationship between two major factors, with the details depending on the medium. Put simply, a ratio happens when either:

An online video receives more negative feedback than positive ones, or

More people liked the comment than watched the video it was responding to.

Either of these two things can occur on a single TikTok, but only the first is a ratio. The notion is that any time the ratio of comments to likes or comment likes to video likes is greater than 1:1, the original post has failed in some way.

This “formula” is predicated on the observation that negative comments receive a much higher volume of attention on social media than their positive counterparts.

TikTok Ratio: What Does It Mean?

It’s not uncommon for a post to feature a single comment reading “ratio,” which indicates that its author wants the post’s viewers to “ratio” the comment in addition to the video. Whether or not these remarks get read relies largely on the video’s popularity.

TikTok users are much less inclined to assist a stranger in ratioting the app if they find the content to be at their liking. Low-effort strategies like this one have a lower chance of success than those that make a more considered or humorous addition to the discussion.

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How Can I Tell if I’ve Been Ratioed?

TikTok Ratio: What Does It Mean?

In your TikTok, the first type of ratio will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Both the heart for “likes” and the speech bubble for “saying something” are relevant icons to examine (comments).

Underneath the signs, you’ll find their respective numerical values. The ratio of comments to likes is 1:3.

If you want to locate the inverse ratio, select the icon that looks like a comment section and scroll down until you find one that has more likes than the original. To the right of each remark’s text, you’ll see the number of likes that comment has received.

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Is Receiving a Ratio Always Bad?

TikTok Ratio: What Does It Mean?

The first type of ratio (comments to likes) generally always indicates that people overwhelmingly disagree with or detest a TikTok, while the second type isn’t always bad either.

What the comment says matters. If you share a joke online and someone else responds with an even funnier one, it’s not necessarily a setback for you.

However, if you’ve posted something serious and someone has made fun of you in the comments, and more people have responded positively to the comment, you might want to rethink your stance.

Users on social media, however, tend to view ratios negatively.

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