Tiktok Star Drives Users to Google with Giggity 420 Trend!

A video posted by TikToker Giggity4204 with the simple request that viewers “Google her name” has amassed over 2 million views.

Because of Giggity4204’s widespread appeal, adopting that moniker has become something of a fad within the TikTok community.

Everything you need to know about the Giggity 420 fad is laid out here.

Giggity 420 Tiktok Trend Explained

Tiktok Star Drives Users to Google with Giggity 420 Trend!

A slightly obtuse video posted by TikToker Giggity4204 prompted viewers to look up “Giggity 420” on Google.

A social media personality whose identity remains hidden posted a video of herself using Google to look up “Giggity 420,” encouraging her viewers to do the same. Many viewers, anticipating the video’s subject matter, imagined an explicit turn of phrase in the search’s outcomes.

Google doesn’t provide a lot of results when you type in the name if you even enter anything at all. According to Heavy, she may be using the video to boost the popularity of her other social media pages and expand her sphere of influence. The so-called strategy appears to have been successful since the original TikTok video has received over 2 million views.

According to the same media source, Giggity4204 may be utilizing her TikTok videos to promote her other social media profiles like Instagram.

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Viral Video Becomes a Trend

Tiktok Star Drives Users to Google with Giggity 420 Trend!

This habit of essentially “tricking” followers into Googling something has been popular on TikTok for some time, but it has recently seen a resurgence thanks to Giggity4204’s video.

There has been an uptick in the number of movies uploaded to TikTok that simply show the user’s name or username being put into Google without the user’s actual search results being shown. If anything, this makes fans more curious and drives them to look up the name online.

There are almost 54,000 films using the same TikTok sound that was used in Giggity4204’s original video, albeit not all of them are part of the Giggity 420 craze.

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Followers React to Viral Tiktok

Tiktok Star Drives Users to Google with Giggity 420 Trend!

As people tried to find out what “Giggity 420” was, they were disappointed to find almost nothing, so they resorted to the TikTok video’s comment section.

Someone put it this way: “Everyone did got played.”

Someone else warned, “Don’t be caught in the trap.”

Someone another posted on the thread, saying, “Nothing appears.”

TikTok bio claims Giggity4204 is a “hidden account,” despite having over 100,000 followers.

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