TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test? Complete Info!

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has left us all cooped up in our houses trying to find something to occupy our time, the internet has provided us with an abundance of viral tests and assessments.

As part of the Innocence Test, we’ve been taken to the four axes test, which measures your political, character, gender, and lifestyle axis positions.

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When you take the Innocence Test, which was inspired by the famous Rice Purity Test from the 1980s, you’ll find out just how innocent you really are.

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Innocence Test On TikTok Explained

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test

For the Innocence Test, there are 100 statements that all relate to different things that someone may or may not have done in the course of their lives.

Just tick the statements you’ve already done and leave the ones you haven’t done unchecked.

The structure of the check is identical to that of the Rice Purity Test, but the reports have been revised to reflect changes in society. “masturbated,” “sent n**es,” “had a fake ID,” and even “had corona” are some of the words used.

After you’ve taken the test and the results have been calculated, you’ll learn how safe you are based on your score out of 100. A “Baddie,” “Rebel,” “Heathen,” or “Angel” are just a few of the possible outcomes.

On TikTok, it stands out a little more. It is recommended that you begin by retaining up to ten fingers in the viral clips.

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test

As an alternative to ticking a box, the declaration questions are checked out, and each time you complete a statement, put a finger down. You may be a little crazy if you only have a few fingers up.

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Innocence Test Helps Users Be in Touch With Their Wild Side

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test

It’s possible that TikTok has a lot of PG content. Many customers, on the other hand, find the platform a safe haven for exploring their wilder side.

The innocence test is a new trend on TikTok that has exploded in popularity over the past few months. Customers are asked to answer a series of questions to help determine just how wild their lives have been over the course of time.

Despite the fact that a large number of people have wild experiences once they leave college and university.

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When it comes to innocence, it’s more appropriate for a person in their twenties.

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test

That’s why some of the questions are about the conduct of students in the classroom or very basic issues like drinking, which is more taboo for teens because they aren’t yet adults.

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