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TikTok’s “Art of The Zoo” Explained: Why It’s so Popular and How It’s Disturbing Users

TikTok's "Art of The Zoo" Explained

A recent TikTok fad encourages followers to read up on the ‘Art of the Zoo,’ but why? So, to explain, consider the following.

A new genre of TikTok meme has emerged this year that requires viewers to conduct online research.

Some common ones have included ‘why were chainsaws invented?’ and “what is the 25th island of Greece?” which tend to become viral for their humorous or unsettling answers.

TikTok users are currently recommending that others Google “Art of the Zoo,” but if you do, you’ll quickly see that it’s a hoax.

The ‘art of The Zoo’ Tiktok Trend

You may have seen a large number of videos tagged with “Art of the Zoo” when you scrolled through your TikTok “For You” tab recently.

A recent fad has people looking up “Art of the Zoo” on Google and then posting their reactions to the term on TikTok once they’ve figured out what it means.

Everyone has the same reaction, and they all appear to be in astonishment, but why is that? The definition of “Art of the Zoo” is provided below.

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‘Art of The Zoo’ Meaning Explored

If you’re having trouble figuring out what “Art of the Zoo” refers to, or are too embarrassed to ask Google after seeing the internet’s collective shudder, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Many TikTok users have found that a Google search for “Art of the Zoo” returns distressing photos of people having s*x with animals.

That’s right, you heard correctly. Bestiality. The responses on TikTok are now making sense!

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Tiktok Users React to ‘Art of The Zoo’

It’s reasonable to assume that everyone is highly shocked by the responses to “Art of the Zoo” in the TikTok comments.

“Deletes history, turns the phone off, throws the phone, burns the phone, throws the phone in the river,” one user stated. Ouch! My eyes!

It read, “History: Deleted. Yeeted is the name of the phone company. “Holy water: required,” chimed in another.

The third individual chimed in, “Nooo I should have minded my business.”

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