TikTok’s Viral Sad Filter: How To Use It?

TikTok has recently seen the rise of a crying face filter. The filter’s name implies its intended effect: making app users appear distraught and in tears.

There have been hundreds of views and likes on videos depicting this phenomenon. People who view online videos of crying people can’t stop wondering if the person they’re watching is acting or if they’ve been tricked by the filter.

There isn’t a built-in option for a crying or sad face. If it were, a button to enable it would appear underneath videos to entice app users to give it a try. Snapchat, another widely used social media app, is the source of the filter that has now become ubiquitous online.

Even while Snapchat has seen a decline in its popularity among young social media users, it is clear that trends started on Snapchat are gaining traction on other platforms.

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How to Use the Viral Sad Filter on Tik Tok?

TikTok's Viral Sad Filter

If you want to share a video on TikTok with a sad face filter, you’ll need to shoot it with Snapchat first. The ability to sign into Snapchat is crucial. Here’s what you need to do to unlock the Snapchat sobbing face filter:

  1. Start by firing up Snapchat
  2. To access filters, tap the grin icon to the right of the record button.
  3. The third option is to use the “Explore” button.
  4. Then, pick the “weeping” filter by typing the word into the search bar
  5. Press the record button to make a video with the sobbing filter.
  6. you must then save the video to the phone’s camera roll.
  7. Post the downloaded clip to one’s TikTok

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By selecting the plus sign (+) in the TikTok app, users can share their videos on the platform. The bottom middle of the screen displays the same thing. Afterward, they can locate the ‘upload’ icon in the right-hand corner.

TikTok's Viral Sad Filter

To upload a video featuring a crying face or sorrowful expression, use the “upload” button and go to the desired file. Next, share the video on your profile. Captions, audio, and hashtags of one’s choosing can also be uploaded.

Popular alternatives to the sobbing face emoji include the rotoscope, invisible bling, Disney, and face morphing effects.

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