To Begin a 12-Year Prison Sentence for Child Pornography, Josh Duggar Was Released from An Arkansas Jail!

To Begin a 12-Year Prison Sentence for Child Pornography, Josh Duggar Was Released from An Arkansas Jail!

Josh, 34, was found guilty of receiving child pornography in December and was sentenced to 12 years in prison on May 25. Josh has been detained in Arkansas’ Washington County Jail since the sentencing and is currently awaiting transfer to either Texas’ FCI Texarkana or Arkansas’ FCI Seagoville, depending on space.

The Sun obtained exclusive confirmation from The Washington County Jail They no longer have custody of Josh.

For his safety, they were unable to confirm where he is being moved. His whereabouts have not been updated in his status with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.


The announcement follows Josh’s wife Anna’s 34-year-old revelation that she is taking a “road trip” to visit her “bestie.”

Officially 34. 14 years since I said, “Yes,” Anna wrote on her Instagram. traveling by car to see my best friend. “Mercy Me’s “Even if” kept coming on. Jesus is going to cling to you. Whatever the case,”

Watch Out

To Begin a 12-Year Prison Sentence for Child Pornography, Josh Duggar Was Released from An Arkansas Jail!

According to a previous article in The Sun, Josh has been imprisoned at the Arkansas jail since May as a result of overcrowding.

It’s a waiting game, and that’s usual, a legal source said. When the federal government takes him outside of Washington County, the jail has no control over the timing.

“Jails are congested, finding an open bed, setting up a transfer, and other tasks take time after ‘deciding’ on a hospital. The mechanism functions slowly. A chronology is impossible to know. Prisons and jails are overcrowded, the insider continued to The Sun. The two facilities they are requesting are modestly sized—like 1,700 people modestly sized.”

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Fears in Covid

The Seagoville facility, where his legal team advised him to go, made news in 2020 for having more than 72% of its population COVID-infected, according to a previous report from The Sun.

At least three convicts had passed away at that point, according to a CNN article from August 2020. One of the inmate’s family members described the institution as a “petri dish.”

Perilous Situations

Over the years, there have been a lot of assaults inside the prison walls in addition to rampant sickness. The facility’s “John Hall, 27, an Aryan Brotherhood member and inmate,” allegedly attacked and abused a fellow inmate because he thought the victim was gay, according to a Justice Department press release.

“Hall used his shod feet as a lethal weapon to repeatedly punch, kick, and stomp on the victim’s face while uttering homophobic slurs.

“During the attack, the victim lost consciousness and had multiple facial injuries. The victim also suffered from broken teeth, a missing tooth, and cracked eye sockets “read the release.

In another incident, a correction officer was detained for having inappropriate sexual contact with a prisoner at FCI Seagoville, according to CBS. The officer resigned and received a one-year prison sentence.

In another incident, the Bureau of Prisons and the warden of Seagoville at the time were sued in a civil rights case by a prisoner over the conditions at the facility.

The inmate claimed that overcrowding made a number of circumstances that detainees experienced within the prison worse in a complaint that The Sun investigated.

In the federal petition, the inmate, Jed Lineberry, made a number of other claims, including that the overcrowding exacerbated his exposure to a violent environment. Since he had already been sent to the Texarkana facility, his allegations were ultimately rejected.

The BOP website states that FCI Seagoville includes a Sex Offender Management Program (SOMP), and that as of 2018, an estimated 40% of the prison’s prisoners were sex offenders.

Johnson’s Sentence

Josh was given a 151-month prison term on May 25 by the honorable Judge Timothy L. Brooks. Josh remained stoic as he heard his punishment, which also includes $50,100 in fines, according to The Sun’s court reporter.

The judge told the crowded courtroom that Josh’s offenses were “the sickest of the sick” as he read his ruling.

After that, he started to Josh: “Some very awful things that you did. However, you’ve done honorable things throughout your life. What a guy does when no one is looking is the ultimate litmus test of his moral fiber.”

To Begin a 12-Year Prison Sentence for Child Pornography, Josh Duggar Was Released from An Arkansas Jail!

The judge said, “I find it frustrating about the lack of accountability,” in reference to Josh’s assurance that he is innocent.

Josh should enroll in the sex offenders treatment program offered by the Bureau of Prisons, according to Judge Brooks.

Jim Bob stated in the molestation police complaint that his son was enrolled in a Christian counseling program where he underwent “manual labor and counseling.”

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