Todd Gurley Net Worth: What Was the Running Back’s Career Salary in the NFL?

In the National Football League, Todd Jerome Gurley II plays as a running back (NFL). While playing college football for the Bulldogs, he was twice named to the All-Southeastern Conference team. With the tenth overall choice in the 2015 NFL Draft, Gurley was selected by the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League.

Gurley was named the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year after rushing for 1,106 yards in his rookie season in 2015 despite missing the first three weeks of the season due to a ruptured ACL suffered in his senior year at Georgia. As a result of his 19 offensive touchdowns in 2017, he was also named AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year.

A Brief History of Todd Gurley

todd gurley net worth

It was in Baltimore, Maryland, on August 3, 1994, when Todd Jerome Gurley II entered the world. Growing up, he attended school in Tabaro Edgecombe County, North Carolina. In middle school, when Todd Gurley was 11 years old, he decided to give football a try.

Todd Gurley spoke for his team.

His high school, Tarboro, plays in the regional tournament. After graduating from high school, Todd Gurley had offers from three different colleges. He played college football for two years in Georgia after committing to the school.

In high school and college, Todd Gurley participated in three sports such as basketball, track, football, and also soccer.

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The Career of Todd Gurley

todd gurley net worth

The St. Louis Rams selected Gurley with the 10th overall choice in the draft. In the 2015 NFL draft, he was picked before any other Running Back. The initial term of the contract was for four years, with an additional year of service being an option.

His first game was against the Steelers, and he quickly became a regular starter. He scored 10 touchdowns on the ground and gained 1110 yards as a rookie. He was voted a top-100 NFL player by his fellow professionals.

Not quite as productive as his first year, he finished the next campaign with 885 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns, good for 17th in the NFL.

He worked harder in 2017 and saw better results as a result. He was selected Offensive Player of the Week for two weeks in a row, and he also won the Offensive Player of the Month award for September.

In 2018, the Rams and Gurley agreed to a five-year extension of his contract that would pay him $60 million over the course of his career. Because of this, he became the NFL’s highest-paid running back.

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What Is Todd Gurley’s Net Worth

todd gurley net worth

In October of 2022, Todd Gurley had a net worth of $4 million. When compared to his six-year career earnings of $49,066,286, that seems modest.

The Rams chose to extend his deal in 2018, at which point he was the highest-paid running back in the NFL. A five-year contract worth $60 million, with $45 million guaranteed. What a huge paycheck that is.

The running back missed five games over a four-year period, but it was his performance on the field that ultimately led to his decline in popularity. As was previously noted, he had trouble with his knee because he had torn his ACL in college.

Only he can say for sure if this is the real reason he’s retiring. The 28-year-old nevertheless managed to be pretty effective in his final season with Atlanta. With 678 yards and nine scores on the ground in 15 games, he is the team’s leading rusher.

Sometimes he shared the backfield with Brian Hill, but mostly he had it to himself. The offense run by then-head coach Dan Quinn relied heavily on Gurley, who possessed a rare combination of rushing and receiving skills. Because of his versatility, he was able to be used as an efficient weapon to help set up the passing game further down the field.

It’s also worth noting that the running back’s rushing attempts have decreased every season. It was probably because of his health problems with his injuries. Still, the defender has a respectable net worth and should have no trouble moving on to the next stage of his career despite retiring early.

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When Asked if His NFL Career Was Ended, Todd Gurley Said, “I Don’t Think There’s Any Question.”

todd gurley net worth

Back-up runner In an interview with the NFL Network on Thursday, Todd Gurley announced his retirement from football.

In 2015, while the Rams were still based in St. Louis, they used the No. 10 choice in the draft to select Gurley.

Even though Gurley hasn’t officially retired, he told NFL Network that he doesn’t “think there’s any question” that his playing days are over.

The running back’s final season was in 2020 when he played for the Atlanta Falcons and made 15 starts, rushing for 678 yards and nine touchdowns. Gurley played for the Rams during his first five NFL seasons before being released in March of 2020.

Gurley became the highest-paid running back in NFL history when the Rams signed him to a four-year, $60 million contract extension in 2018.

Gurley played in the NFL for six years and was selected to the Pro Bowl three times and the All-Pro team twice.

He was the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2015 and the Offensive Player of the Year in 2017.

Gurley played in 88 games for the NFL and finished with 6,082 running yards and 67 touchdowns. He had 243 receptions for 2,254 yards and 13 scores.

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Here Are Three Insights from Todd Gurley

Now that you know how much money Todd Gurley has made and how he got there, let’s look at what we can learn from his success.

1. Success

A lot of hard work is necessary for success, but luck also plays a big role.

2. Boost Your Odds

Working hard increases your chances of success but does not ensure it.

3. It Doesn’t Matter If You Win or Lose

You need a sense of perspective to succeed at the highest levels. It’s not a matter of triumph or defeat. It’s important to accept the discomfort you’ll feel after a race and push through it.

Final Words

Todd Gurley is an American professional football player who has a net worth of $4 million. Todd Gurley was born in Baltimore, Maryland in August 1994. He has a dream of ending his career on the football field of Baltimore. when he was 11 years old, he decided to give football a try. Gurley played in the NFL for six years and was selected to the Pro Bowl three times and the All-Pro team twice.