Tom Brady’s Reaction to Gisele’s Decision to Move Forward with Divorce Is Detailed in A New Report.

Not surprisingly, Tom Brady is not happy about his impending divorce.
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Over the past few months, rumors have circulated that Brady and Gisele’s marriage is on the rocks. A report from earlier in the week stated that both parties were in the process of hiring divorce lawyers.
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It appears that Gisele has been the one to initiate divorce proceedings, which has not gone over well with Brady.

It’s “Pretty obvious that he’s hurting,” a source close to Brady told People. According to him, “he feels very hurt by her.”

According to People, Gisele’s discontent was due to more than just Brady’s change of heart on retirement.

According to their source, there’s more at play than just Brady’s retirement from the NFL in the tense relationship between Gisele and Brady.

Despite Brady’s initial retirement announcement on February 1, he quickly changed his mind and decided to return to the Buccaneers a month later.

The Dolphins’ plan to sign him fell through, so he ended up back in Tampa.

The Bucs, who have had a rough go of it due to injuries, are currently 2-2. And this season, Brady’s concerns extend far beyond the gridiron.