Who Is Tom Brady’s Rumored Girlfriend Veronika Rajek?

Tom Brady made headlines this year for a variety of reasons. It all started earlier this year when he announced he had decided to retire from the sport.

Fans were a little disappointed, but the star was happy that the quarterback finished his stint in top form. But Tom had other plans. Within weeks he decided to retire and since then nothing has gone his way.

His numbers this season have been pretty mediocre, and aside from a few impressive wins from behind, the seven-time Super Bowl champion has really failed to play under pressure against a strong team.

To make matters worse, his personal life was also in tatters. Tom’s Gisele marriage to Bündchen ended some time ago, and since then there’s been a lot of media focus on the star’s quarterback’s next potential partner.

Countless models and celebrities have openly claimed to be ready to date the champion QB, but Tom has yet to respond to any of them.

One of her names most associated with Brady is the name of her Slovak model Veronika Rajek. Not long ago, Veronica expressed her love for the star QB, and rumors of the two dating have been circulating ever since.

Recently, Veronica showed off her incredible physique on Instagram


Fans of Tom Brady say he is 100% committed when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and top-notch physical fitness. But with the holiday season approaching, everyone can indulge in a little fat and carbs.

In his Insta Story, which showed off six-pack abs, Rajek explained that his dinner is ready for Christmas.

Fans are excited to see Veronica and Tom together, but her model is already happily married, so the odds are pretty slim.

But when Veronica recently addressed dating rumors, she released a statement claiming she wanted Tom to focus on the eighth ring.

Veronika Rajek Expresses Her Love For Tom Brady In Latest Instagram Post

Something similar happened recently with the Monday Night Clash between the Bucs and the Saints.

When Tom failed to get the best out of his sons, he was seen getting angry on the sidelines.


Many thought it was time for another Microsoft tablet to be buried, but luckily Tom decided not to direct his anger on an innocent device this time.

While his team struggled for most of the game, Brady used magic in the final quarter to lead his team to one of his most famous wins of the year.

As it turns out, Instagram model Veronica Radjek, who was in the stadium during the Bucks vs. Saints game, was beaten by the GOAT quarterback.