Tom Sandoval Burnt to a Crisp After an Accusation-Packed Affair

Vanderpump Rules actor Tom Sandoval has finally spoken up about the months-long affair he had with another cast member Raquel Leviss (herself the ex-fiancée of another cast member, James Kennedy), which made news six weeks ago.

Sandoval is not a little scandal; it is a paradigm-shifting, Bravo-altering adultery scandal that has had every current and former cast member of VPR running to their preferred podcast to provide their side of the story.
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It becomes immediately apparent why Sandoval has picked Howie Mandel as his sympathetic ear: Mandel has never watched Vanderpump Rules in his life and has no understanding of what’s going on, clearing the way for the Schwartz and Sandy’s Lounge co-owner to say utterly absurd things without being confronted.

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Tom Sandoval Crashes and Burns in Excuse-Filled Affair Explanation

When asked about his relationship with Ariana, Sandoval told Mandel, “I love Ariana, I still love Ariana, and I care about her, but we, for a long, have and have been sort of having our own lives.” After nine years together, it’s clear that we established something special: a business, a home, and a reputation. Like with many partnerships, they started to feel more like friends, family, and even housemates. The relationship was missing intimacy and connection in many ways.

Sandoval stated, “I accepted it because you know, Ken and Lisa, they don’t have sex all the time on Vanderpump Rules.” I can go have a smoke in the john because I have porn. But there are many additional advantages as well! The construction of a name for oneself, one’s entire identity, etc.

When does narcissism become a problem? Stage late or stage very late?

According to Sandoval, he and Leviss went to high school together and he thought she was so amazing that he tried to match her up with his best buddy Tom Schwartz. Sandoval went to counseling to “get [his] ass” over his “magnetic” first kiss with Leviss, but ultimately, their connection was so strong that they had to stay together.

Mandel’s explanation to Sandoval for their growing apart is fascinating: “You were in a long-term relationship with [Madix], and this occurs to a lot of people and this happens to everybody, through no fault of either of you, you’re growing apart.” But my question is this: “Did you ever sit down and say this isn’t working?” you all know it on some level.

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Sandoval believes that he gradually made it clear to Madix in the couple’s counseling that he intended to end their relationship without really breaking up with her.

“I was seeing Raquel as much as I could, which sounds bad, and FaceTiming her all the time, and like, Ariana just really didn’t notice,” explains Sandoval.

According to Sandoval, Madix found out about his romance with Leviss by mistake two weeks before he finally abandoned her.

As the story goes, “I sit down to chat with her again, and she says, “I’m not letting you leave me, you’re going to have to push me out of this relationship,” and I respond, “Ariana, I don’t think I can be faithful in a relationship with you right now.” This was what Sandoval informed Mandel about. She said, “You will be ending my life if you break up with me.” I was at a loss for words. She flat-out refused to believe it and remained in denial.
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But by the time Madix found out about my romance with Leviss, we were split up,” Sandoval stated of that night. We split up, and she found out about it. BE FOR REAL.