Tom Verlaine Cause of Death: The Legendary Guitarist’s Impact on Music History

Tom Verlaine, whose band Television was one of the most influential to emerge from the New York punk rock scene centered on the nightclub CBGB — but whose exploratory guitar improvisations and poetic songwriting were never easily classified as punk, or any other genre — died on Saturday in Manhattan. He was 73.

Jesse Paris Smith, the daughter of Mr. Verlaine’s former love interest (and occasional musical collaborator) Patti Smith, announced his death, saying that he died “after a brief illness.”

Although Television had very limited financial success and disbanded after two albums, Mr. Verlaine had a lasting influence, particularly on his fellow guitarists. (He was also the singer, primary songwriter, and co-producer for Television.)

On the News of Tom Verlaine’s Passing, Artists Paid Tribute to His Career.

tom verlaine cause of death

Many who had been inspired by Tom’s achievements spoke up in the aftermath of his death. Blondie co-founder and guitarist Chris Stein posted on Twitter: “I first met Tom Verlaine in 1972, when he had just arrived in New York. He had long hair and showed up at my flat with an acoustic guitar, playing some songs he’d composed.

Both Tom and Richard Hell have informed me that I auditioned for the Neon Boys, but I have no recollection of doing so.” Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers also expressed his sympathy. “I must have listened to ‘Marquee Moon’ 1000 times. And I mean LISTENED, sitting there with the lights turned down low, absorbing it all in “He tweeted about it.

“Every time, I’m filled with awe and astonishment. Will listen to it 1000 more times. Tom Verlaine is regarded as one of the finest rock musicians of all time. He had a significant impact on the way John and I play. Tom, fly on.” Michael Stipe, a lead vocalist of R.E.M., posted on Instagram: “My hero has died.

Thank you, Tom Verlaine, for the songs, words, and voice! Later, there were smiles, inspiration, anecdotes, and a firm confidence that music and art can modify and change matters, lives, and experiences. You introduced me to a universe that turned my life on its head. I will be eternally thankful.” During this terrible time, our thoughts are with Tom’s family, friends, and fans.

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What Was Tom Verlaine’s Cause of Death?

tom verlaine cause of death

According to Jesse Paris Smith, Tom Verlaine’s cause of death was a brief illness. He died on January 28th, at the age of 73, in Manhattan. A black and white photo of Tom and a young Jesse hugging him was uploaded, and Jesse broke the news first on Instagram. Later, in a press statement, she revealed the unspecified ailment that was judged to be Tom Verlaine’s cause of death.

Patti Smith’s daughter is Jesse Paris Smith. Curiously, Patti and Tom have previously dated. They also worked on other projects together. The two were a great match. Tom appeared on several of Patti’s Grammy-nominated tracks, including Fireflies and Glitter in Their Eyes. It was well-known how special Jesse and Tom’s relationship was.

Jesse shared a few more images, remembering her time with him and paying tribute to the icon. Nonetheless, Tom Verlaine’s cause of death remains a hotly debated topic, with followers keen to learn the identity of the sickness.

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The Legacy of The Tom Verlaine

tom verlaine cause of death

Despite everyone is now interested in Tom Verlaine’s cause of death, admirers used to wonder how the guitarist earned his stage name. Indeed, the name was inspired by the French author Paul Verlaine. He established the Neon Boys with Richard Hell and Billy Ficca after adopting his stage name.

It was a proto-punk band that disbanded after only a few months. Nonetheless, he later became a founding member of the new band Television, which included guitarist Richard Lloyd.

The band became one of the greatest names in the punk era, propelling Tom to stardom. In 1975, Tom fired Richard Hell from the band. The band disbanded once more in July 1978, but Tom went on to pursue a solo career in England.

He did have a devoted following, which is now waiting for additional information on Tom Verlaine’s cause of death. Tom released 10 studio albums, the most recent of which being ‘Around,’ in 2006. Throughout his career, he collaborated with other musicians. And everyone is waiting to learn more about Tom Verlaine’s death.

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Tom Verlaine Tributes

tom verlaine cause of death

The reason of death for Tom Verlaine is still unknown. Nonetheless, fans and fellow singers have been pouring in tributes since the news broke. Punk star Billy Idol penned an emotional statement about Tom Verlaine’s death, “…He made incredible music that tremendously affected the US & UK punk rock scene in the ’70s RIP.”

Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles also contributed to the song “Peace and love, Tom Verlaine.” Blondie guitarist Chris Stein recalled his first contact with the famed musician, saying, “I met Tom Verlaine when he just arrived in NYC, I believe ’72.”

Fans also expressed their feelings on social media. And are now waiting for new information about Tom Verlaine’s demise. It is up to Tom’s close friends and family to reveal Tom Verlaine’s cause of death. Whatever it is, the icon will never be forgotten, and perhaps the reason for the death of Tom Verlaine will be revealed soon!