Tommy Lee Dating: Who Is His New Partner?

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s romance may be memorialized in a 2022 Hulu series titled Pam & Tommy, but the woman that truly has his heart is his present wife, Brittany Furlan. As soon as they saw each other on the celebrity dating app Raya in 2017, they hit it off.

Lee claimed that he already knew he liked Furlan long before they met in person. “For a long time, I’ve been one of her avid Vine followers. My initial thoughts were, “She is so funny, foolish, sweet, and lovely.” “A quote from him can be seen in the Netflix documentary The American Meme, which examines Furlan’s life and career.

Furlan was wary of diving fully into their relationship considering her previous experience with infidelity, but Lee diligently tried to earn her confidence and eventually let her into his life. She retold the incident on an episode of How to Talk to Girls, a podcast hosted by dating counselor Tripp Kramer. “Oh, well, I’ll just give you the password to my phone and all my gadgets and anytime you’re feeling nervous, you can go look at anything you want,” he said.

She went on to describe him as “wonderful,” “kind,” and “supporting,” as well as “such a good spouse, honestly.” To paraphrase, “Once you meet someone you feel safe with, that kind of changes everything.”

Raya Was the Day She First Saw Lee.

tommy lee dating

A Guide to Approaching Females, Furlan shared the news that she and her rock star spouse met in 2017 through the celebrity dating app Raya. She reflected, “I matched with him and he was just so relentless.” “He would constantly text me and ask, “Hey, what are you doing?” The man was quite kind.”

The two decided to meet up in person at some point. “A week later, we ran into each other at a Pride event, where we were both employed. When I patted him on the shoulder he immediately embraced me, holding my hand and giving me the biggest, warmest hug imaginable “In the words of Furlan. “From that point on, we were inseparable.”

Valentine’s Day Was the Day She Wed Lee.

tommy lee dating

On February 14, 2019, Furlan and Lee got married, precisely one year to the day after the Mötley Crüe drummer proposed with a heart-shaped engagement ring. Furlan posted an Instagram photo of her pups dressed as a wedding and groom with the caption, ” “This is the real deal!!! Congratulations, we’re now husband and wife! Hello, Mr. and Mrs. LEE YAHOOOOOO.”

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Her Career Began on The Small Screen.

Reality shows like Reality Hell on E! and Prank My Mom on Lifetime helped make Furlan famous long before she became Lee’s VIP.

She Was Recognized as A Top Internet Influencer.

Along with Beyoncé, J.K. Rowling, and Shakira, TIME named Furlan one of the 30 most influential persons on the internet in 2015. By that time, Furlan had 8.6 million followers on the defunct social networking app Vine, making her the most popular female user on the platform. “It’s made a complete 180 in my life,” she said.

Furlan claims that the development of her content occurred “organically.” “My views and subscribers increased after I started making silly videos. About fifty new people joined each day, which was cool “In 2014, Furlan stated to TheWrap. “I used to post frequently since I was having so much fun with it. Now you can’t just say, “I’m working with Vine Scorsese,” but back then, you didn’t have to be so hip.”

However, social media eventually got to her. Speaking to E! about why he quit Vine, Furlan said, “Vine got more poisonous for me than it was beneficial.” This quote comes from an episode of True Hollywood Story from 2019. “Everything seems to hit me like a tonne of bricks. I had ten million Vine followers back in the day. I joined Instagram recently and now have 2.6 million followers.”

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Among the Movies, She’s Been in Is a Biopic About the Band Mötley Crüe.

Furlan has found success in the realm of short-form comedy, but acting is her true calling. “I get great joy in performing. Actually, that’s why I traveled to Los Angeles in the first place! “2020 she revealed this to Fox News. “When I was 17, I was like, ‘I want to act. This is what I want to do.’ Later, I decided to try my hand at stand-up comedy. And I was attempting to find my bearings. Then this thing called Vine appeared, and with Vine, everything took off.”

Furlan struggled to get film parts after becoming an internet celebrity, however. “People kind of didn’t take you seriously as an actor because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re from the internet. You have no idea what to do “she revealed to the media outlet. “But then finally, people started auditioning me and offering me chances.”

Furlan has appeared in various films, including We Are Your Friends, Good Mourning, The Unicorn, Deported, Random Tropical Paradise, and The Dirt, which is based on the autobiography of the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

She Was Profiled in A 2018 Documentary

The American Meme, a documentary released in 2018, profiles numerous prominent figures in the world of social media, including Furlan and Paris Hilton. The Tribeca Film Festival doc follows Furlan, Hilton, and other influencers’ hustles to establish their online empires.

She Studied Fashion

tommy lee dating

Furlan attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in the heart of Los Angeles before beginning her successful career in media and content development. She addressed her decision to not attend a traditional university in a 2014 “Ask me anything” thread on Reddit.

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She’s Been Engaged Before

Lee didn’t enter Furlan’s life until after she broke off her engagement to fellow Vine star Randal Kirk II. Furlan revealed on Facebook that she was a singleton back in May of 2015. “I am single for the first time in over four years,” she revealed in her letter.

The name of filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been subsequently linked to her.

She Hosted Her Own Podcast

tommy lee dating

In 2019, Furlan started a podcast called Worst Firsts, in which she talked to celebrities like Mena Suvari, Pauly Shore, the late Bob Saget, and, of course, Lee about their most traumatic first experiences. On June 16, 2021, the series finale aired.

She Doesn’t Want to Start a Family.

While Lee has two children from his previous marriage to Anderson, Brandon Thomas, and Dylan Jagger, Furlan does not and has no current plans to start a family. After being asked if she wanted children, Furlan said, “Oh, no, no… we have dogs.”

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