Tony Larussa Illness: Tony La Russa Taking Leave of Absence to Attend to Health Issue

Manager Tony La Russa is largely regarded as one of the most successful managers in major league history.
When La Russa was fresh out of high school, he signed a contract with the MLB’s Kansas City Athletics.

Though he spent the majority of his 16-year professional baseball career in the minor leagues, he did make brief stints with the Kansas City A’s, the Oakland A’s, the Atlanta Braves, and the Chicago Cubs.

He began managing the Chicago White Sox’s minor league squad in 1978, and at the end of the 1979 season, he had been elevated to the major league club’s managerial position.
After being diagnosed with shingles, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa will be sidelined for the duration of the team’s road trip.
Testing was done on La Russa at the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday, and after consulting with the Cardinals’ medical staff, it was decided that the manager should take the rest of the week off to let the medication take effect.
tony larussa illness
St. Louis’ road trip, which began on Tuesday night in Chicago, will conclude on Sunday in Cincinnati. Next Monday, the team will begin a four-game home series against Philadelphia and Houston, although it was unclear if La Russa would be back with them by then.
While La Russa is away, bench coach Joe Pettini will be in charge of the Cardinals. La Russa, 66, is in his 16th year as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.
According to Pettini, La Russa’s condition had worsened to the point where the action was required.
“For the games, he put out all his effort. But every day before the game, you walk in and ask, “How you doing, skipper?” and hope for a somewhat better response. In spite of this, daily he would scoff, “Not any better, not any better.” “As Pettini put it.
According to Pettini, “he’s been in agony, and we’ve been very concerned, and we’re hoping that this physical out at the clinic in Arizona will figure out what needs to be done.

” If he needs time, he should take it.

In the middle of April, doctors diagnosed La Russa with conjunctivitis, sometimes known as pinkeye.

Although just last week he blamed a virus for his health problem.

La Russa’s entire right side of his face swelled up for a while, yet he still hit fungoes in practice up to the final homestand.
Cardinals GM John Mozeliak revealed that La Russa had booked a checkup at the Arizona clinic in advance.
tony larussa illness
But now that he knows he has shingles, Mozeliak says, “he’s obviously having that reviewed and meeting with a few different specialists just to see if there’s any way to relieve his discomfort.”
Last week, La Russa’s right eye appeared to improve cosmetically, but he claimed he was still fighting to keep it open.
Before that game, La Russa famously quipped, “I’m not doing much.” “I just can’t keep going, so I turned it off. It’s tricky to score a one-eyed hit.”
According to La Russa, the excitement of game day makes management a breeze.
You’re more capable in that situation than you are in the ones before and after, he added.

When you’re used to it, the game’s challenges don’t seem quite as daunting.

Catcher with the Cardinals According to Ryan Theriot, La Russa has been in visible agony for some time.
“He’s been having a hard time. Many people are unaware. For him, this has been a very trying ordeal “In the words of Theriot.

“And he has really fought through it, despite the difficulty. He really has been a trooper. However, his health is a priority. He’s been in pain, for sure.”

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