Top 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021

When we talk about cryptocurrencies, usually the synonym of the subject is Bitcoin, which appears almost instantly in the conversation. However, despite Bitcoin being the most internationally recognized currency, it is by far the only one on the market, and currently there are many more 10. cryptocurrencies available for investment.

However, there is currently a ranking of cryptocurrencies, and it has 09 virtual currency options for investment, all of them extremely attractive, and which can yield good profits for you, as long as be aware of the fluctuation and volatility of the price of these currencies. Check the list below.

● Bitcoin (BTC)

● Ethereum (ETH)

● Polkadot (DOT)

● Cardano (ADA)

● Binance Coin (BNB)

● Uniswap (UNI)

● PancakeSwap (CAKE)

● Theta (THETA)

● Avalanche (AVAX)

● Compound (COMP)

As expected from a list like this, Bitcoin ends up appearing first, and part of that is due to the simply excellent performance of the asset in 2017, since he managed to yield more than 333% only in the last year.

In addition, within the cryptocurrency sector, Bitcoin is certainly the one with the largest domain, occupying more than 50% from the market. In other words, when the price of Bitcoin goes up, the other cryptoactives also end up going up.

Top 10 criptomoedas para investir em 2021

Second place can be more attractive

Glued to bitcoin, you find the Ethereum, which even though it is a not so popular currency for investors, is extremely relevant to the crypto economy. This virtual currency has a decentralized open source blockchain network, which is focused on running a series of smart contracts, as well as offering support for building applications that are decentralized.

This network of blocks enables to market the vast majority of tokens that are available. In other words, it is because of the existence of this cryptoactive that the technology behind cryptocurrencies has stood out so much, offering an excellent result for the market, and also the possibility of much more innovation and evolution.

What about Cardano?

    In fourth place on our list, you find the Cardano currency, which in 2020 achieved an appreciation of more of 600%. This is another currency that should always be watched closely, not only because it has appreciated a lot, but because of what it has ”behind the scenes”, that is, a long-term project that has shown a lot of potential .

    This currency was created in 2017, and differs from the others by being a project that aims to ensure that all its owners are able to participate in the operation of this network. In other words, this means that anyone who has at least a little Cardano in their possession will have the right to vote on any possible changes that this software may have.

    Other coins that attract attention

    Several other coins have been growing and attracting a lot of attention, but one that you should always keep an eye on, for sure, is the Binance Coin, which occupies the fifth place in the list.

    This is considered the third largest cryptocurrency in the entire world, having been created as a way to encourage the public to use the Binance platform, and currently this currency has become something much bigger than the platform itself, so much so that in recent years 12 months, this currency managed to rise more 20800%.

    Of course, there are always other opportunities that arise in the market, especially when we are talking about m smaller coins, which are not as well known, as they have a more affordable entry price and can vary their price a lot, making them very attractive, in general.

    Is it still worth buying Bitcoin?

    Yes, and in fact it will always be worth buying Bitcoin, since we are talking here about one of the most attractive currencies in the market, and that even though it has high volatility, it will always have very attractive moments of growth, making make them a good choice for investments, after all, cryptocurrencies are the future of the economy. Enter this market here.

    Also, the currency still has a lot to be mined, so you can rest assured that the more people holding their Bitcoins, the higher the price, and also the higher the demand, making this an always active market.

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