Top 6 Viral TikTok Trends Explained

Using trends on TikTok is a key part of getting your brand in front of thousands of people through the platform’s natural reach. But it can be hard to keep up with the latest TikTok trends, especially if you want to use TikTok to make videos for your business or brand.

So, we did all the research and put together this guide, which has a list of the most popular TikTok trends of 2022 that every business and brand needs to use.

Let’s jump right in!

Top TikTok Trends 2022

1. That’s Not My name

People are using this popular TikTok trend to show off the funny names they have for their pets and loved ones.

6 Viral TikTok Trends

A hashtag is what ThatsNotMyName is.

As a business, you can use this trend to: Show the cute names your customers have given you.

2. Touch it

People show off their favorite fashion looks and trends in this popular TikTok trend.

#touchitchallenge, #fashiontok, #fyp, and #fashionista are all hashtags.

You can make money off of this trend by:

  • Show off what you have (for fashion & lifestyle brands)
  • You can wear your clothes in a lot of different ways.

3. I’m Sat

People show how much they like their favorite celebrity by saying that they would stop fighting if their favorite star told them to.

Hashtags: #fyp #trendin

You can make money off of this trend by:

With the help of a well-known person, you can do this. You can mention a famous person in your TikTok to get more people to watch it.

4. Hot New Bombshell

TikTokers used this song to tell their followers about something new, like a new product, a brand or business announcement, or even just a reveal.

Hashtags: #hotnewbombshell #loveisland

You can make money off of this trend by:

  • Tell people what’s good about your product or service.
  • Tell us about a new service or product you just released.

5. Night changes

After a user posted a video of One Direction singing “Night Changes” at a concert, the song became very popular on TikTok. TikTokers use the sound to show how much has changed because it makes people feel old. But you can also use it to show how far you’ve come and how your business or you have changed over time.

6 Viral TikTok Trends

Tags: #fyp, #foryoupage, #1D, #nightchanges

You can make money off of this trend by:

  • Tell people about your brand’s history. Show how much you’ve changed in a short time. Show how your customers have changed over time.

6. Art Of The Zoo

Art of the Zoo on TikTok asks you to Google “art of zoo” and then make a video of how you feel about what you find. Then, you can use the music samples in the social media app to make a movie out of your video on TikTok. Everybody is shocked, disgusted, horrified, and confused. So, before you ask Google that question. Knowing what to expect can help.

No, in the creative world of the arts, it doesn’t mean anything. Even a trip to the zoo is better than this. But there’s more. Bestiality can also be coded with the words “art of the zoo” or “art of zoo.” You can find pictures and videos of people having s*x with animals if you Google the word.

Even though it might seem strange to want to scare yourself or others by showing them “zoo art,” it’s part of the fun of going to the movies to see how people react. Part of what makes the “art of the zoo” trend so interesting is that you don’t often get to see a real reaction to something really upsetting.

This was a big trend in the early summer of 2021, and people still look for it and hate it. Many people thought this would be a one-time thing, but TikTok has a lot of users, and people who keep swiping up end up at the scary end of the social media network.