Top 7 Ethical Hacking Courses with Certificate

We all know that internet usage has significantly increased over time. With the internet gaining massive popularity, the information security industry is booming more than ever. So, it’s the best time to polish your skills and land a lucrative job in the sector.

Do you know? The exponential internet usage has led to the opening of backdoors that invite unethical hackers. Shockingly, in 2022, there were over 4,100 publicly reported data breaches, exposing almost 22 billion records. Thus, organizations heavily invest in robustifying their security postures and performing simulations and penetrative tests to identify potential loopholes before hackers do. Such a trend has created a massive requirement for white-hat or ethical hackers in the industry.

Ethical hacking has become one of the most high-paying skills, with an average salary of nearly $90,786 per year. So, you are on the right track if you wish to become an ethical hacker in the future. You might require focussing on a few skills, relevant certifications, and hacking courses to become a successful ethical hacker.

Are you looking for ethical hacking courses that provide you with valuable certificates? It is the right article for you! Below are seven leading ethical hacking practices with credentials to accelerate your career. Let’s get started!

1. Ethical Hacker Nanodegree Program – Udacity

Udacity offers one of the best online ethical hacking courses with certificates to showcase your knowledge to recruiters. This training course will teach you the abilities required to become a successful ethical hacker. Enrolling in the thorough course will teach you how to identify and exploit flaws and vulnerabilities in various systems, build and carry out a penetration testing plan, and provide test results with reliable evidence.

2. CEH v12 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course – Simplilearn

The CEH certification training course from Simplilearn gives you the practical experience to master hackers’ methods to squeeze into network systems and defend your architecture against them. This Simplilearn ethical hacking course will effectively equip you to ramp up your blue team skills and is aligned with the most recent CEH v12 by the EC-Council.

This course will provide you with various skills like:

  • Trojan backdoors and countermeasures
  • IDS firewalls and honeypots
  • Advanced hacking concepts
  • Network packet analysis
  • Mobile and web technologies
  • Advanced log management

3. Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course – Beginner to Advanced (M) – IIT Kanpur

It is one of the leading ethical hacking courses if you want to study hacking fundamentals and become a pro. To help you become a proficient hacker, it will guide you through the fundamentals of hacking, SQL injections, and password cracking.

Along with authenticated certificates from IIT Kanpur, you will acquire practical skills that you may highlight on your resume to land a highly-paid job in the sector rapidly.

4. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch – Udemy

This course is one of the bestsellers on Udemy. It starts from scratch and assumes you have no prior understanding of ethical hacking. By the end of the Ethical hacking program, you will comprehend hackers’ objectives, identify their deadly strategies, and use ethical hacking techniques to secure systems and networks.

Although this course gives you immense hands-on experience, it also entails theoretical concepts. This training course demystifies ethical hacking for beginners by using analogies and examples to clarify complex ideas.

The course is divided into four primary sections – network hacking, gaining access, post-exploitation, and website/web application hacking. It will push you to become a professional white-hat hacker even if you do not know the domain.

5. Certified Ethical Hacking Course – CEH v12 – Intellipaat

Are you seeking certification in ethical hacking that can provide access to work opportunities? One of these highly productive online courses on ethical hacking is available from Intellipaat. It focuses on developing essential skills while giving you enough practical experience. Indeed, it is one of the top ethical hacking courses with certificates offered by the Intellipaat platform to enhance your credibility among recruiters worldwide.

This online Ethical Hacking course will help you master essential skills such as footprinting, cryptography, session hijacking, system penetration testing, network security, and building firewalls to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). It will prepare you for the challenging CEH exam with the proper knowledge and abilities.

6. Ethical Hacking & Information Security – NIELIT

If you wish to enroll in a government training program on ethical hacking, this course by NIELIT won’t disappoint you. It gives the students a chance to learn about various tools and approaches in information security and ethical hacking while introducing them to the fundamental concepts of ethical hacking. It will educate you on recognizing and evaluating the steps an ethical hacker must take to compromise a target system and implement preventative, corrective, and defensive measures to keep the system safe.

Candidates would be able to identify tools and methods for performing penetration testing after finishing the course and critically assess security measures taken to safeguard user and system data. Additionally, it will support the development of systematic security concept comprehension through practical application.

7. Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE) – Coursera

The Ethical Hacking Essentials (EHE) from Coursera is an introductory cybersecurity training program that covers fundamental ethical hacking and penetration testing concepts and prepares candidates for a lucrative career in cybersecurity. It introduces learners to computer, information, and network security concepts, including threats and vulnerabilities, web application attacks, password cracking, IoT and OT attacks, pen-testing basics, cloud computing, and more.

This comprehensive course gives students real, hands-on experience, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities needed for a career in cybersecurity.

EHE-certified students have a reliable way to provide formal recognition on their resumes to impress potential employers with their knowledge and abilities. Their chances of getting promoted at work, earning more money, and enjoying their jobs improve.


It’s high time to pull up your socks if you wish to build an ethical hacking career. The first step towards your journey would be to pick one of the above ethical hacking courses and align your skills in that direction. So, register with these training programs and take advantage of the skills shortage in the white-hat hacking sector.