Top Boy on Netflix: Who Murders Attica? a Death Is Revealed in Season 2

Season 2 of Top Boy on Netflix has been a jarring addition to the series, leaving many viewers reeling for some time.
Find out what happened to Ats and who killed the kid in this season 2 finale and episode guide.
Due to Netflix picking up the show after Season 2, following Channel 4’s demise, Season 2 is also referred to as Season 4. Then, Netflix opted to execute a “soft reboot,” renumbering Season 3 as Season 1 despite keeping many of the same cast members from the previous seasons. Top Boy: Summerhouse is the new name for the first two seasons of Channel 4’s reboot of the show.

What Happened with ATS?

Top Boy on Netflix: Who Murders Attica? a Death Is Revealed in Season 2

It was because of Jamie and Dushane’s plot to frame ATS that the 12-year-old became the next victim in Hackney’s turf war.
The opening episode of Season 2 featured a tribute for ATS, confirming fans’ worst suspicions that he had been murdered off between seasons.
His body was found in a dumpster at the end of Season 2, although his monument was seen in the Season 2 teaser, where the placard plainly mentions his name at a vigil.

Who Murdered Him?

Season 2 showed that Dexter was the one who killed ATS.
Top Boy on Netflix: Who Murders Attica? a Death Is Revealed in Season 2
Season 2 CCTV footage indicated that a young woman shoved ATS into a car and drove him to someone named Dexter while the Summerhouse crew looked for his killer.
Dexter was only supposed to scare ATS, not murder him, but the group eventually figured out that Kit was behind it all in an attempt to exact revenge on ATS.

The Complete Second Season of Top Boy: An Episode Guide

Season 2 of Top Boy on Netflix includes eight episodes, and each episode is about an hour long.
For your convenience, we have provided a brief episode guide to Season 2 below:
Episode 1: Good Morals
Episode 2: How Do I Fix This?
Episode 3: Likkle Favour
Episode 4: Fully Loaded Headache
Episode 5: 15 Points
Episode 6: De Capa y Espada
Episode 7: We Ride Out for Family
Episode 8: Prove Yourself
The streaming service has not yet decided whether or not to renew the show, so fans will have to wait a little while longer to find out.

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