Top Gun: Maverick Has a Post-Credits Scene?

Goodness gosh beautiful balls of fire, Maverick is back.

Top Gun, Tony Scott’s 1986 blockbuster, has been around for a long time and will never be forgotten by moviegoers.

Fans still use the film as a source of inspiration for costumes and recurring themes in their Halloween celebrations, as well as for quoting and playing the legendary music.

Over the years, the project’s status has fluctuated a bit. But now, thanks to Joseph Kosinski’s eagerly anticipated and critically praised sequel, audiences can put down their patched jackets and head to the theater to engage in the dogfight.

Does Top Gun: Maverick Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Top Gun: Maverick Has a Post-Credits Scene?

In the conventional sense, Top Gun: Maverick does not end with a scene after the credits roll.

As soon as the story concludes, a montage of the principal actors playing their roles appears. As Top Gun also did with its credits, this may be seen as a nod to the source material.

However, the experience ends with scenes of pilots taking off in their planes and disappearing into the horizon. The words “In Memory of Tony Scott” accompany these pictures.

The obvious reference is to the original film’s director, who also oversaw subsequent films like True Romance, Days of Thunder, and Man on Fire.

The loss of his life in 2012 at the age of 68 was heartbreaking.

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There Is No Green Screen in A Top Gun Movie

Despite the lack of a post-credits sequence, the work of the entire cast and crew leaves you feeling fulfilled.

Actor Miles Teller recently told Men’s Journal that seeing a play is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

He explained, “A lot of work was put into every single flight scenario.” Like the military, we would have a briefing before each shot, detailing every action and stunt down to the minute details such as how high we would be in the air and how fast we would be moving.

The “extremely high” stakes, as the Rooster actor puts it, are a big part of what makes Maverick such a remarkable film.

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Do You Need to See Top Gun Before Maverick?

Top Gun: Maverick Has a Post-Credits Scene?

For those who haven’t watched Top Gun, there are references to the previous film and explanations of crucial plot points in Top Gun: Maverick. If you haven’t seen it yet, you won’t feel out of the loop.

However, having seen Top Gun will enhance your understanding of the interconnectedness of the characters and the connections to the events of the original film.

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