Top Universities for MS in Data Analytics

Today, your life is digital. Not just your browsing history or social media. Your shopping habits, games, and shows you watch generate data.

Big Data Analytics and Data Science are needed in nearly every business field. Almost every industry, transaction, economic and weather pattern has data. The data analytics market is expected to reach $346.24 billion by 2030, growing 30.7% globally. Data analytics will add 31.4% more data professionals by 2030.

You must love Programming, Statistics, and Math. Being a new field, the recipe for success is debatable. A formal Data Analytics course might be helpful, but many experts learn on the job.

Before taking a full-time MS in Data Science/Analytics from a top university, get a taste of what’s available.

Do you know what a master’s in data analytics is?

The main variation between Data Science and Data Analytics is how they handle data. Data Science deals with complex data to provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis to gain insights. It’s more like asking questions to solve problems. You can pursue a Master’s in Data Analytics after finishing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (CS) or a related field. The Master in Data Analytics is usually a one-year cohort/non-cohort degree that you can extend to two years part-time. A Master’s in Data Analytics can add value to your career because Data analytics will be the new trend in the coming years.

A Master’s in Data Analytics: What should you do?

Graduate school applicants are responsible for making sound choices for their future. The plan to earn a Master of Science degree calls for months of research on everything from the application procedure to potential degree options and schools.

Top universities offering MS in data analytics

  • Stanford University

The course covers advanced topics like machine learning, a capstone project, computing paradigms, and business intelligence for big data. Students who earn a total of 45 credits in the program will be awarded the degree. They will be charged the tuition rate listed in the Stanford Registrar.

  • Columbia University

Students in this Master of Science in Data Analytics (MS-DA) program in the United States gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become influential leaders in the field. It fuses an in-depth understanding of data analytics with crucial strategies and concepts to affect choice-making at all company levels. Earning this illustrious diploma needs a minimum of 30 semester hours of study. 

  • University of California, Berkeley

You can earn a master’s degree in analytics in just one year at UC Berkeley. It’s a great way to hone one’s analytical and numerical prowess in the modern era. Graduates can then take on intriguing and demanding jobs in the field. In addition, they know what questions to ask to create new models and come up with original answers to ever-evolving problems.

  • University of Southern California

These Masters in Data Analytics rankings have been around for quite some time. Machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, advanced big data analytics, and applied matrix analysis will all be covered in this course. Complete a minimum of 32 units to graduate.

  • Georgetown University

The computer science department is responsible for conferring the Data Science specialization of the Master of Science in Analytics degree. The students would be taught data analytics, the principles of massive data, scientific and analytical visualization, statistical learning, and many other vital areas. 

  • University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s Masters of Analytics Program equips the next generation of data science executives with the expertise necessary to take on automated machine learning, big data, and cloud computing platforms through cutting-edge programming and data engineering design. In addition, this aids in identifying the substantial engineering hurdles associated with real-time AI solutions and parallel processing. Matrix algebra, statistics, and other computer science areas are also covered.

  • Indiana University Bloomington

The School of Informatics and Computing confers the Master of Science in Data Science. Students from all parts of the world enroll in this Master of Science in data analysis program in the United States. Anyone accepted into the program will have full use of the prestigious resources available at the university. Students can expect to be well-prepared for lifetime success in their chosen fields because the curriculum is based on real-world problems. 

  • Louisiana State University

LSU’s Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship and Information Sciences offers a fascinating analytics degree. The program focuses on how to apply concepts from computer science, statistics, and operations research to the business world through the use of analytics and IT. You will better equip students to make meaningful contributions to organizational effectiveness and steer decisions using the day-driven methodologies taught.

  • University of Massachusetts Amherst

The Master of Computer Science with a Data Science Emphasis is granted by the College of Information and Computer Science. After completing 30 required credits, the degree is granted. Data science, machine learning, and intelligent visual computing methods are a few topics covered in depth.

  • New York University

The Centre gives out the master of Science in Data Analytics degrees for Data Science. The students are expected to finish 32-44 credits to graduate. They will study business, statistics, data mining, and computer science.

Is India vs. abroad for a master’s degree?

There are many benefits of studying MS in India. While many Indian universities offer marketable master’s degrees, low pay and fierce competition are their disadvantages. You can join the Simplilearn online learning platform that combines with premier colleges to deliver quality tech training.

In contrast, good US colleges offer specialized MS degrees with good job prospects. A global experience also helps your development. If you plan to earn a master’s degree overseas, consider the following.

  • Are there top programs in India I can try?
  • Is it affordable? Is there work in India if I return?

Get started with your dream to study MS in data analytics!

The colleges mentioned above provide some of the country’s best MS in data analytics and data science programs. Check each university’s program details to choose the right one.