Tosca Musk Laughing About Her Brother, Elon Musk’s Children Are Uncomfortable!

Tosca Musk Laughing About Her Brother, Elon Musk's Children Are Uncomfortable!

Tosca Musk is worried that the public’s perception of her older brother, Elon Musk, will be shared with her children. The filmmaker and director spoke about her desire for her children to see Elon, 51, simply as their uncle in an interview with the Sunday Times that was published this weekend.

Tosca, 47, expressed her displeasure: “I don’t like that my kids watch YouTube and there are jokes about my brother; it makes them feel a little uncomfortable.” Additionally, they don’t comprehend why someone would criticize him.

She praised her sister while defending Elon, adding, “I have the utmost respect for my older brother. He is an anomaly.” She continued, “He is extraordinary in so many ways, and his desires to serve humanity are beyond anything that anyone can comprehend. “There is, therefore, no taint at all.”

Along with Tosca, Elon has a younger brother named Kimbal Musk who Tosca referred to as “human-forward” and who wants to “address the obesity epidemic in America.”

Tosca revealed during the interview with the Times that she had never been in a truly fulfilling romantic relationship. She gave an explanation for why she chose IVF and sperm donation to create her 9-year-old twins, Isabeau and Grayson.

Tosca Musk Laughing About Her Brother, Elon Musk's Children Are Uncomfortable!

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“With someone, I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with, I didn’t want to have children. and ultimately be dependent on [that person] for decisions regarding my children and my life, “She admitted. And I definitely didn’t want to experience painful divorces.

Tosca also talked about her finances during the conversation. Despite the fact that Forbes just ranked Elon as the world’s richest man, Tosca claims she finds it “annoying” when people assume she is wealthy. “I don’t have a lot of cash. I’m not the same person as [Elon], “She remarked. “Furthermore, he isn’t exactly writing me cheques. We are two distinct individuals.”

“I’m really thrifty. I enjoy a nice discount, “Added her. After news broke earlier this week that Elon had twins with his Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis in November, Tosca spoke with the Sunday Times.

The twins were born in Austin, Texas, per the court documents obtained by Insider. The documents showed that Musk and Zilis, who works as the project director for his business Neuralink, requested a name change for their children in April so they would “have their father’s last name and incorporate their mother’s last name as part of their middle name” in Texas.

The twins’ sexes were kept a secret, and the records censored their names. According to Insider, a judge in Austin accepted their plea in May. The request for a response from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by a Musk spokesman. Zilis didn’t answer right away either.

The inventor of Tesla weighed out on Twitter on Thursday following the pregnancy announcement, writing, “Doing my best to address the underpopulation situation.”

He declared that the greatest threat to society is a collapse in the birth rate. Mark my words, they are regrettably true, and congratulations to those who already have large children, Elon added in subsequent tweets.

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