Tracking Reports : How to Access the Full Information Online?

Getting information about your package might sometimes be challenging, especially when ordering goods from abroad. This challenge is becoming more evident as an increasing number of people patronize e-commerce platforms around the globe. With the e-commerce sector expected to overtake the traditional means of commerce in the future, providing customers with the needed information concerning their goods is vital for a smooth transition.

Tracking Your Packages

In a bid to solve the lack of access to vital information to customers in the e-commerce sector, big industry players like the china post tracking platform are coming up with innovative ways by which people can know the complete status of their packages from their mobile devices. These innovative ways change the dynamic of information flow and have the ability to boost revenue in the industry to a great extent. As you continue in this article, here is how an online shopper can get full access to information concerning their packages.

Through The E-commerce Platform’s Website

When you order a package online, the platform’s website is the first place you check to track the package. All e-commerce websites must contain features that enable customers to track their goods with no extra charges. This feature helps boost customers’ confidence in the platform as they purchase goods. With this feature, shoppers will be able to have full access to all available information about their parcel by knowing the location and condition of the package. Any online store that does not have such features on their site must be avoided by all means or less; they provide an alternative.

Through Tracking Number

A tracking number is a number attached by an e-commerce platform to customers’ packages for easy identification. These numbers are assigned to all packages before they are shipped and sent to their respective buyers. With this number, a customer can be able to have an idea of the current status of their package while it’s in transit.

To access the status of your parcel using its tracking number, you can simply log into the site sent to you along with the tracking number and register your package using the number to have an idea of the status of your parcel. The China post tracking number also provides customers with a chance to know the route by which their packages are delivered.

Through Emails

Over the years, emails have steadily become the most preferred choice for online stores to communicate with their customers. One reason for this is due to its speed, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility. Everyone today has an email address, and the e-commerce industry is taking advantage of this to give customers access to information concerning their parcels.

How this works is that when you order a package online, the online shopping platform, through your email address, provides you with timely updates on your package until it reaches its final destination.

Through Social Media

The huge market potential on social media has made all online stores develop a presence in the space to reach out to their customers. With over 1 billion people on social media, online stores now provide customers with information through social networking platforms. Through social media, shoppers can access information by messaging the customer service of their favorite online store for easy and fast response. They also get to make inquiries on the status of their parcel without having to go through the long formal channel of sending an email or calling customer care service.


As an online shopper, you can have full access to information concerning your package through different channels. To have a clue and track my parcel, always ensure to conduct extensive research on all online platforms before ordering a package.