Transformation: Quotes from Savannah Chrisley’s Plastic Surgery!

Transformation: Quotes from Savannah Chrisley's Plastic Surgery!

Does the finest medical advice come from doctors? Fans have been debating for a while whether or not Todd Chrisley’s daughter Savannah Chrisley underwent plastic surgery. While Savannah Chrisley generally denies having any work done, some fans still believe she may have received assistance for her pronounced facial alteration. Discover what she had to say about finishing work by continuing to read.

The Chrisley Knows Best actress previously made an attempt to silence her detractors on Instagram after seeing that she looked “different” in a selfie from February 2018. Before the criticism pours in, let me say that I haven’t done a lot of work. I won’t alter my appearance! She wrote, “This chick simply loves her meals right now. So please stay away from my page if you’re a negative Nancy. #noshame.

Since then, the reality TV personality has acknowledged getting a nose job. In an Instagram Q&A in November 2018, Savannah addressed claims that she had a breast augmentation.

One fan questioned, “Why did you have implants?” “Girl, hurry up!” I got these boobs from God and eating too much food,” Savannah replied, adding that she had a rhinoplasty. “No implants? How about a nose job?” Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes.

The Growing Up Chrisley star has not yet addressed whether or if she has undergone cosmetic procedures like Botox. She has mentioned concentrating on her inside health.

Transformation: Quotes from Savannah Chrisley's Plastic Surgery!

After losing 30 pounds while battling endometriosis, Savannah said to Fox News in February 2020, “I believe that being healthy starts from the inside.” “Eating well really improves my mood. My moods and life will flourish if I’m giving my body healthy things to eat. For the sake of my family and my future offspring, I want to be healthy.

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In May 2021, Savannah posted a homage to her father on Instagram. Todd responded to a statement made by plastic surgeon Charles Galanis MD, who implied that the father-daughter pair’s appearances were altered through cosmetic surgeries.

“This man over here… He truly is a superhero! Savannah at the moment wrote in her caption. “Do we resemble each other?” She tagged her father and asked her followers.

“No, in actuality. You two appear different now because of the plastic surgery, Dr. Galanis said. You used to resemble each other. So I’m sorry if you feel as though the truth is ignorant if you do.

Transformation: Quotes from Savannah Chrisley's Plastic Surgery!

Todd responded to the criticism by adding, “Do you realize how stupid you are? Why did we disclose that we had surgery to the doctor who performed those 10 operations? Look into @charlesgalanismd’s charitable endeavors.

Todd has acknowledged receiving Botox and Halo laser treatment but hasn’t fully admitted to having surgery, in contrast to his daughter who has just acknowledged receiving a nose job.

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