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Trends on TikTok: Check out the clothing styles that are on the rise


The TikTok app is hot all over the world and is present in trends. The social network with videos from 3 to 18 seconds comes having a great power to create viral content, such as choreographies, songs, jokes and, of course, fashion, which has been promoted by trends in TikTok. Currently the network has more users than twitter – there are about 1121 millions worldwide and 1.7 millions logged on the App in Portugal, most of them female and aged to the 18 years, according to the survey Os Portugueses ea Social Networks¹, by Marktest.

All this influence opened up space in the world of fashion and is dictating what is in store windows and in the wardrobes of younger people. Many fashion-related content was highlighted and went viral. The videos produced for the app are driving trends.

Men’s and women’s fashion are dictated by the trends in TikTok

And it’s not just the girls who are inspired by the videos on the social network, a good example of what went viral in men’s fashion is the e-boy style, or electronic boy, which mixes trends that come from emo, grunge, goth and rock. It is part of the colored hair styling, piercing and dark colors of the garments. You can also abuse the chains, and the feet are common boots or sneakers. The e-girls, on the other hand, opt for heavy makeup, with a melancholy feel.

Another trend dictated by TikTok are sporty, oversized and sweatshirt pieces. Comfortable clothing gained even more strength during the pandemic. The hot looks to wear are on the rise and app users share several options. Street wear is also highlighted by the tiktokers who proliferate stripped-down visual alternatives in their videos.

Many pieces of the years 80 and 90 have returned thanks to the app, like low-slung pants, the adidas women’s sneakers

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