Trends who dominate the cosmetics world in 2022

It seems like it has been quite an adventurous year so far when it comes to cosmetics. The newest trends that are dictating the cosmetics market are bringing innovation, sustainability and environmental awareness. The cosmetic industry has brought $483 billion in 2020, $511 billion in 2021 and the annual growth rate is4.75% worldwide.  

New cosmetic trends in 2022

  1. According to the beauty industry analysts, the skincare is the leading sector in expansion. Another thing which makes this sector worth mentioning as a leading sector is the transparency that it brought in the new skincare products. People are much more sensitive in knowing what they put on their skin and how the new products can bring their environment friendly, clean look. This trend of having a detailed description of the ingredients used to create the product and how important it is for the product to contain as less chemicals and more of the natural in it is already changing the shape not only of the skincare lines but the beauty industry in general. 
  2. Innovation in developing new products. More and more brands are investing in new technologies that can produce more efficiently and with less product waste. Brands like L’Oreal and Garnier have launched soli shampoos and Mono skincare are creating a tablet skincare which when dissolved in water can produce 50ml of solution. SBTRCT has developed a waterless vitamin C serum in a bar.
  3. Male beauty products are finely in the spotlight and increasing sales as well. It is expected that they will increase their global sales to 81.2% in 2024. The world leading beauty brands are developing a variety of grooming kits with the environment in mind.
  1. Wholesale market is booming with more and more B2B platforms to provide the necessary links between businesses. The Asia market has launched the BeatySourcing platform where start-ups can find the right guidance on how to make their first wholesale cosmetics steps.
  2. Blending beauty products to create a hybrid product which is twice as better. This trend is mostly in the make-up sector where famous cosmetic brands pioneered some really well-developed make up products.  The hybrid make up is helping your skin thrive, protecting it and at the same time offering a beauty effect. 
  3. Improving the packaging of the products in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Many leading brands are following this trend and creating smart eco-friendly packaging. The cosmetic packaging comes with a statement nowadays. It needs to be able to be recycled or upcycled. 
  1. Personalized custom-made cosmetics are the new trend as well. This phenomenon started to grow even more in 2022. There are customizable formulas to distinguish your skin type and match you with the most appropriate and desirable product.
  2. Pre-teen skincare is also on the rise. With this new cosmetic trend, we are witnessing the parents contribution in developing healthy skincare routines for their children and the need of developing more pre-teen skincare options. A lot of leading brands are following the trend. 
  3. The wellness beauty trend in cosmetics. There is a lot of research in the field of how stress affects our health, hence our skin and hair. The results from these studies are going to influence the future of the beauty market. In the meantime, the wellness beauty is on the rise. There are more and more beauty products promoting wellness, starting from stress relief sensory bars to relaxing fragrances whose are key ingredients in many beauty products. 
  4. The demand for Vitamin A as an ingredient used for skincare products is going to bring increase  in the  production of Retinol.