Trevor Colhoun, Meghan King’s Boyfriend- Here Is Everything You Need to Know About!

Advancing with a new partner! After breaking up with Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Owens less than a year ago, Meghan King is now dating Trevor Colhoun.

Keeping a low profile has “been easy so far” for the couple, who are now long-distance because Colhoun lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, according to a source who exclusively revealed the information to Us Weekly on Tuesday, July 5.

After only one month of dating Owens, King, 37, previously wed him in October 2021. After the couple exchanged vows at Owens’ parents’ house in Pennsylvania, a source exclusively revealed to Us that “her family is a bit astonished that she sealed the marriage so quickly.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum stated in December 2021 that she and the lawyer had separated up, and the love tale ended as soon as it had begun.

“I feel uneasy. This scenario is very upsetting,” she said at the moment on her Instagram Story. “Obviously, this is not how I had envisioned it when I took my vows, and I’m astonished and dismayed by how things have turned out. As my kids and I process our sadness in private and start to let go of broken dreams, I am moving ahead.

Jim Edmonds, King’s second husband, was her first spouse, and they have three children together: twins Hayes and Hart were born in 2018, and Aspen was born in 2016. The natives of Missouri and the former baseball player got hitched in October 2014, and their divorce was finally finalized in May 2021. While they were still together, King accused Edmonds of having an affair, which he denied.

In a January 2020 episode of her podcast, “Intimate Knowledge,” the blogger discussed her desire to find love once more following the breakup with the former center fielder.

Trevor Colhoun, Meghan King's Boyfriend- Here Is Everything You Need to Know About!

I simply want a relationship, correct? I simply want someone who is encouraging me and isn’t trying to stifle or be jealous of me, she said. Someone who develops alongside me rather than remaining stationary in one location, you know. That, to me, is closeness. Simply put, I need someone to hold my hand next to me.

The University of Mississippi graduate was married to attorney Brad McDill before beginning a romance with Edmonds. In October 2011, they separated amicably.

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I wasn’t old enough. In July 2019, King said on Page Six of her first marriage, “I didn’t even recognize myself. “I aspired to have a wonderful marriage like mine. I merely assumed that my love story would be the same because, well, why not? Why wouldn’t it work out? I’ve followed my parents’ example in everything else.

Five Things to Know About Meghan King’s New Boyfriend, Trevor Colhoun

How Does He Make His Living?

Colhoun has served as the CEO of Trusted Provider Network since August 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile. A digital network connecting behavioral health experts, treatment centers, hospitals, and employee wellness initiatives, according to the company’s website.

Where Did He Attend College?

The CEO earned a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree in real estate finance and development from New York University.

What Is His History?

Colhoun is a direct descendant of John Deere, who established Deere & Company and is frequently credited with developing the steel plow.

The NYU graduate went to boarding school in Millbrook, New York, before enrolling in college, according to his LinkedIn profile.

King and Colhoun Have Been Dating for How Long?

Trevor Colhoun, Meghan King's Boyfriend- Here Is Everything You Need to Know About!

The couple has “been going strong for three months,” a source exclusively told Us, adding that King was trying “to keep the relationship discreet.”

Has He got Children?

Two children are shared by King’s current boyfriend and Cecile Villere, his ex-wife. He filed for divorce in October 2021, according to Us, but the matter was later dropped. In March, he made a second file, and the divorce was finally finalized in April.

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