Tripp Morris Griffin in Jail: A Wife’s Tragic Account of Her Marriage’s Breakdown Due to Her Husband’s Double Existence

Tripp is a mysterious figure, known only because he is now serving a 45-year prison term.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections records, he is currently serving time for child molestation at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville.

They both attended the University of South Carolina, where Venus and Tripp first crossed paths.

Tripp Morris Griffin in Jail: A Wife's Tragic Account of Her Marriage's Breakdown Due to Her Husband's Double Existence

According to state records, during his time at USC in the late 1980s, Tripp served as president of his fraternity, drove a Corvette, and participated in cheerleading.

The word “intimidating” appeared in Venus’s writing. “Seeing so much cash was something I’d never experienced before. Once upon a time, I was a waiter. A maximum of three garments may have been attributed to my closet.”

After telling her tale to Humans of New York this week, real estate agent, author, and motivational speaker Venus Morris went viral.

The photoblog, which is situated in New York and was founded by Brandon Stanton, has 11.7 million followers on Instagram.

Venus, a woman from Augusta, Georgia, is the most recent to be featured on the page after writing about her surprise marriage to an ex-husband named Tripp, who turned out to be very different from what Venus had expected.

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Where Did Tripp Morris Go?

The ex-husband of Georgia’s most successful real estate agent, Venus Morris, is Tripp Morris.

Augusta, Georgia is where he was born, although he hasn’t made a name for himself there. A regular guy who used to work for his parents, Tripp has no web presence whatsoever.

It was at USC where the two fell in love, and 20 years later they’re still happily settled in Augusta after being married then.

Although Venus calls him “the most attractive man I’d ever set eyes on,” “all-American,” “blue-eyed,” and “in fantastic form,” we lack photographic evidence of this individual.

They met at a golf tournament in Hilton Head, and from then on out, their relationship seemed perfect.

He was the kind of father who led Bible studies, coached football teams, and organized fundraisers for their six kids.

But he wasn’t who people took him to be at first glance.

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The Reason Tripp Is in Jail

Venus claims that Tripp is serving a 45-year sentence in a Georgia prison.

According to The Sun, he is currently serving time at Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia, after being convicted on two counts of aggravated child molestation.

Venus said on Humans of New York that she had no idea what her husband had done to provoke his outbursts of anger and rage, but that she had witnessed them on multiple occasions.

Tripp Morris Griffin in Jail: A Wife's Tragic Account of Her Marriage's Breakdown Due to Her Husband's Double Existence

A prostitute called her and informed her that her husband had been scamming prostitutes for years.

One of their daughters came to her and told her that her father had mistreated her as well after Tripp was admitted to this and checked himself into a recovery clinic.

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