Trisha Paytas Controversy: Trisha Paytas Announced the Pregnancy on Social Media Accounts!

Since starting the blndsundoll4mj YouTube channel in 2007, Trisha Paytas has been a remarkably captivating persona to watch.

Paytas has been posting Mukbangs, incredibly emotional personal vlogs from their kitchen floor, for more than 10 years.

They have engaged in more public fights than perhaps any other influencer; just a few of their opponents include David Dobrik, Ethan Klein, and Charli D’Amelio.

Over the course of their twelve years on the platform, Paytas has amassed a fan base that numbers 5.1 million subscribers to their main account and more than a million to their separate vlog channel.

Paytas’ subscribers can’t get enough of them, and they have spread to almost every area of the internet space, regardless of who they are dating or disagreeing with. Even a video on how to make scrambled eggs is amusing thanks to them.

Paytas have a murky past when it comes to their identification; in the past, they have claimed to be transgender and to have dissociative identity disorder. They now use the pronouns they/them and identify as non-binary.

Paytas is a troll who admits it. According to them, the past 14 years have been shaped by a constant desire “to be known.”

They said, “I never gave a damn about money or anything, and I still don’t.” “I simply have this constant urge to be noticed. That may be good or bad, but it’s how I function best.”

Here’s a rundown of some of Paytas’ most enduring moments from their career thus far to help explain why they are among the most recognizable and tenacious individuals to ever grace YouTube with their presence.

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Early Life

Trisha Paytas Controversy

Before relocating to Illinois, Paytas was born in Riverside, California, on May 8, 1988. A younger, maternal half-sister and an older brother are her two siblings.

At the age of 15, Paytas relocated from Illinois to California and enrolled in a Catholic online school. She moved back to Illinois at the age of 16, where she attended high school in Pecatonica, to live with her mother.

Trisha Paytas Controversy

Trisha Paytas, a controversial YouTuber and internet celebrity, said on Thursday that they had given birth to a child they named Malibu Barbie.

In an Instagram picture showcasing the newborn, Paytas announced that they had given birth to their daughter on Wednesday.

“She is present. Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon, who was born on September 14, 22, is our daughter “Paytas wrote in the post’s caption.

In February 2022, Paytas and Hacmon made their pregnancy announcement, and Paytas posted updates about it on his social media and YouTube accounts.

Given that Paytas had previously been informed that they were infertile, the couple was a little taken aback by the pregnancy. In a 2016 YouTube video titled “Why I can’t have kids,” Paytas said that they had been informed by a doctor that they were unable to conceive naturally due to an untreated case of chlamydia.

Paytas said in a pregnancy announcement video, “I’m in disbelief in so many ways, but at the same time it just feels perfect. “I now just have a feeling of purpose,” the speaker said.

They said, “I simply thought about getting pregnant in 2022, and I feel so blessed and very selected.” And I’ve always said in all of my films that you are so grateful if you are fortunate enough to have children in whatever way.

Trisha Paytas created their YouTube channel as a tribute to Quentin Tarantino, who is their favorite filmmaker.

When Paytas launched its channel, it was focused on counting down the days before the release of Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Inglorious Basterds” and reading out raps and poems that they dedicated to the filmmaker.

However, over the course of the following year or so, Paytas’ programming changed to include diet-related vlogs, dating and beauty tips, and even an effort to break the world record for speed talking — a talent that earned them a spot on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Paytas also made an appearance on “Ellen,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!”

They said to Insider, “I try not to turn off any opportunity to expose myself to a new audience, even now. You must remain on top of everything because the platform is constantly evolving, expanding, and becoming more and more crowded.

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Paytas started doing professional lingerie modeling after relocating to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

She also supported herself by working as a stripper and an escort. On Guinness World Records Unleashed, she attempted and failed to break the record for the quickest talker. She also had appearances on The Greg Behrendt Show and Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Her YouTube page was set up by Paytas in 2007. As much as Paytas admired film director Quentin Tarantino, the video was originally devoted to him.

However, soon after it was made, Paytas shifted his attention to other kinds of videos. Paytas’ advice on the channel is mainly focused on relationships, beauty, and fashion.

Despite being aware of the great risk of developing skin cancer among other things, Paytas made an appearance on an episode of My Strange Addiction in 2010 as a self-admitted tanning addict.

Paytas had appearances in a number of music videos, including those for songs by Amy Winehouse, The All-American Rejects, and Eminem.

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Personal Life

Trisha Paytas Controversy

Paytas has a number of well-known long-term relationships. Between 2017 and 2019, she dated American YouTuber, Jason Nash.

She dated Israeli artist Moses Hacmon beginning in 2020. The couple married in 2021 after becoming engaged the same year. Paytas announced in February 2022 that she was expecting her first child with Harmon.

Her physicians had earlier informed her that she would be unable to produce a child naturally. In September 2022, she gave birth to a daughter. Throughout her life, Paytas has identified mostly with Roman Catholicism but has also practiced other religions.

Paytas has mental health issues and was identified as having a borderline personality disorder. Paytas revealed during an interview for the H3 Podcast that she previously overdosed on methamphetamine and had to be hospitalized. According to Paytas, prescription drugs were her main addiction.

Despite denying wishing to change her pronouns, Paytas came out as a trans guy online in October 2019. She was criticized for this since she had earlier, ostensibly in jest, referred to herself as a “chicken nugget.”

She admitted that she “didn’t have the vocabulary to articulate it at the time” when she came out as transgender in 2019, according to an interview from March 2021.

On her primary YouTube channel in April 2021, Paytas published a video in which she talked about her earlier gender issues and reaffirmed her non-binary identity.

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