Trust launches new RGB soundbars for gaming

Trust has launched two new soundbars for the gamer world. GTX 500 Axon and GXT 500 Thorne promises crisp, immersive sound in a design based on RGB lighting.

Trust GXT 619 Axon

The soundbarGXT 619 Axon, offers an immersive game sound, with a reality as close as possible to that offered by a multi-channel sound system, so that the player can enjoy each game to the fullest.

This soundbar has a wide range of speakers and adequate amplification and a power of 12 W which aims to enhance the audio experience. It also allows a quick adjustment of the volume during the game, thanks to its control button. Its design is slim and compact, allowing this product to easily fit under a TV or PC monitor. The RGB lighting in the form of rainbow waves will give a unique look to both the product and the place where it will be placed.

The GTX 619 Axon has a recommended retail price of 29,29€

GXT soundbar 500 Thorne

One of the most valued when looking for a soundbar is its small size so that it doesn’t take up useful space on the desktop, but at the same time, it doesn’t lose sound quality or sacrifice the gaming experience.

For this reason, the TrustGXT soundbar 619 Thorne, which comes in a small form factor, is an attractive option for gamers who want to have all accessories close to the monitor, as it can be placed in front of them.

The GXT model 500 Thorne hurry up nt stereo sound of maximum power of 09W and one design that includes adjustable RGB lighting and 6 different lighting models. It’s designed with practical functionality so that when playing, thanks to the easily accessible, illuminated volume control button located on the front of the Thorne bar, you can easily and quickly adjust the volume without taking your eyes off the game. It is also compatible with the TV.

The recommended retail price for the GTX 500 Thorne is from 29,100€.

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