How to Install Truth Social App on Android and IOS – A Step-By-Step Guide!

Truth Social App Download

Truth Social is a social media platform developed by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media, and technology business established in October 2021 by former U.S. President Donald Trump. Truth Social is also known as TRUTH Social. According to others, the platform competes with Parler and Gab in the alt-tech space.

The launch day for the service was February 21, 2022. Since its debut, the Truth Social platform has had serious scaling issues, which has resulted in a lower user base than anticipated. The service was only available to users in the United States and Canada up until May 2022 and could only be accessed through an iPhone app.

The service launched a web app for accessing the service in May 2022, allowing users to access the site from any internet browser, albeit access is still restricted by geography.

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Downloading the Truth Social App: A Step-By-Step Guide

Truth Social App Download
  • Visit the official Truth Social website.
  • On the page’s bottom, select the Apple App Store button ( as shown in the screenshot below )
  • The Apple App Store will be your next stop.
  • Select Install from the menu.
  • Done. The Truth Social app was downloaded successfully.

On Truth Social, you can find out more about how to sign up.

Donald Trump is the leader of Truth Social, a partnership between several businesses that aims to compete with Facebook and Twitter. Let’s talk more specifically about how to download the Truth Social app to Android and iOS devices.

Step-by-Step Guide for Downloading the Truth Social App for iOS

The Truth Social app is available for download on iPhone and iPad, but it is not compatible with the newest M1 laptops or any other iOS device that supports iPhone apps. Although this article is for the iPhone, you can use it with any other iOS device.

  • Users from other countries who visit the US cannot see the download link for Truth Social.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or another iOS device, go to the App Store.
  • Use the Apple app store’s search box to look up “Truth Social App”.
  • Click Install after locating the application by the TMTG group.
  • After downloading the app, you will need to create an account. To do so, refer to the instructions below.

Truth Social App Download on Android: A Step-By-Step Guide

As of the right moment, the Truth Social app has not been released on Android. The download instructions for Truth Social for Android are provided below, and the app can be launched at any time ( When its launched, of course)

Truth Social App Download

Both the Truth Social Apk and the Playstore are available for downloading the app. See the instructions for downloading Truth social for Android below.

  • Type “Truth Social App” on the Google Playstore to access it.
  • You may download the app from their official website if you can’t find it on the Google Playstore.
  • After downloading the program, you must register for an account.
  • The step-by-step instructions for creating an account on Truth Social Done are provided below. On your Android smartphone, the Truth Social app has been downloaded successfully.
  • The Truth Social Android app has not yet made its official debut. Every time there is an update for the Android app, our World Wire Team will update it and its details.
  • By subscribing to our Telegram channel, you can get updates on the release of the Truth Social Android app.

Twitter vs. Truth Social

The Truth app and the Twitter app are quite similar. after going over a few of the screenshots given by several beta testers for truth social. The app’s features and functionality appear to have been influenced by Twitter. Mastodon, an open-source network akin to Twitter, serves as the foundation for the Truth social media platform.

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Many of President Trump’s fans were enraged by Twitter’s decision to remove him from its site. Trump had 88 million followers on Twitter, and we predict that 50 million or more individuals from all around the world will sign up for Truth Social within a month.

Date of Truth Social’s Launch

Billy B, the chief product officer, stated that the Truth social app would go live on February 21, 2022. Many rumors contend that the app launch will be postponed and happen at the end of March.

During a question-and-answer session with beta testers, a user questioned Billy about the release date of the app for the general public. On Monday, February 21, Billy announced that it would be made available in the Apple App Store.

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Only IOS users will be able to download the app. There is no set date for when it will be made available to Android users.

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