Truth Social App iPhone – How to Install Truth Social on an iOS Device!

Truth Social was developed by Trump Media & Technology Group, an American media and technology corporation that former U.S. president Donald Trump formed in October 2021. According to others, the platform competes with Parler and Gab in the alt-tech space.

Launch day for the service was February 21, 2022. Since its debut, the Truth Social platform has had serious scaling issues, which has resulted in a lower user base than anticipated.

The service was only available to users in the United States and Canada up until May 2022 and could only be accessed through an iPhone app. Although access is still restricted by geography, the service developed a web app in May 2022 that allows users of any internet browser to visit the site.

Check how To Sign up For Trump’s Truth Social App on An Android and iPhone

Truth Social, Trump’s rival social network, informed its current iOS app customers on Friday that a web version of the service is now accessible. A full web version of the platform is now available for visitors to the Truth Social website, where they can log in, post to their feed, and browse material from other Truth Social users.

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Users of Apple iOS devices, such as the iPhone, were the only ones who could access Truth Social in the past. Yes, a sizable portion of the smartphone market belongs to the iPhone. The majority of mobile users, however, utilise non-iOS devices. Almost anyone with internet connection may now sign up for and create an account on Donald Trump’s social media network.

Truth Social App iPhone - How to Install Truth Social on an iOS Device!

Trump reportedly griped in private about how Google tried to “screw him.” Even so, it’s crucial to start a web application. Profiles and posts on Truth Social can now be fully shared on other sites.

You must capture a screenshot in order to use the iPhone app to share a Truth Social post on another platform. Users of Truth Social can now directly post or link to other accounts. Non-Truth Social users can directly access the site, log in, and engage with the material.

How to Install Truth Social on An IPhone or Other Apple Ios Device

Even though the Truth Social app is not yet ready, you can sign up for it today. If you want to participate in the next platform, Truth Social has a waiting list that you can join. Trump’s social media site is anticipated to be available to users on the waiting list first.

You must do these actions in order to get on the Truth Social waiting list:

  • Utilize your browser to visit the official website.
  • In the appropriate columns, type your first and last names.
  • Next, provide the email address that will be used to send you an invitation.
  • To confirm that you accept the “Terms and Conditions,” check the box.
  • Click “Sign Up” to finish.

‘Truth Social’ by Donald Trump iPhone Social Media App Now Available with Additional Features

It’s finally here: the much-anticipated social media app from Donald Trump’s new media company. And as was to be expected, the app is currently only accessible to iPhone users.

According to a Reuters story, the iOS became accessible on the Apple App Store before February 21 at midnight. Since the Truth Social website was not yet secured with an HTTPS URL at the time this report was written, it likewise appears to be a work in progress.

Don’t try looking for the Truth Social app on an iPad because it is only compatible with iPhone and is available on the Apple App Store. According to the app’s description in the Apple App Store, Truth Social allows users to make unique accounts. The discover feature allows them to look for other people. Finally, you can upload videos to the platform and share them with other users.

Truth Social’s user interface is uncannily similar to Twitter’s, which is not surprising given how used users have grown to the microblogging service’s appearance. However, Truth Social provides Truth, Truths & Replies, and Media instead of Tweets, Replies, and Likes.

Truth Social App iPhone - How to Install Truth Social on an iOS Device!

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T Media Tech LLC, Donald Trump’s media company, is the company that created the app. According to the app’s description, an iPhone running iOS 13 or later is required to utilise the Truth Social app. The 12.4 MB app is free for users to download. The software should be available to Android users in the upcoming weeks.

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