What Is the Truth Social Video Upload Process?

How to Upload a Video on Truth Social

Donald Trump, a former president of the United States, launched his own social media platform called Truth Social after being barred from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at the start of 2021.

The Trump Media App is currently available for download in the Apple App Store, and it is anticipated that the social media platform will soon be accessible through the Android Play Store. Do you desire more information on it? Let’s start from the beginning and talk about how to use Truth Social now.

According to sources, the iOS will begin to be made accessible on the App Store around February 21st. Truth Social’s website is currently being updated because it was not encrypted with an HTTPS URL while this article was being written.

Truth Social: What Is It?

Donald Trump is the creator of this social media platform. He introduced the Truth Social plan to raise awareness about the “tyranny of the Big Techs,” which has used its influence to silence dissent in America. Due to the Capitol Controversy that occurred on January 6, 2021, social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube limited Trump.

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As a result, Trump targeted these channels. The co-chairman of the House Intelligence Committee will set the tone.

How Do I Register on Truth Social?

How to Upload a Video on Truth Social
  • If you haven’t done so already, download the Truth Social Media.
  • When you launch the application, a page prompting you to sign in or
  • Make a brand-new account.
  • Then select Create New Account.
  • Enter your birth date; if you are older than 18, you will be able to continue.
  • Click Next after entering your email address and password to confirm your authentication.
  • Either an OTP or a verification email will be sent to you. Put that into the location you want.
  • After the verification, create a new account by entering your unique username and secret keyword.

How to Register for An Account on Truth Social Is Explained in This Post

The application now maintains a “waiting list” for its users. According to the application, “Due to the high demand, your name has been kept on our waiting list. You are much more to us than just a number because we adore you. Your waiting list number, however, is listed below.

Users are given a queue number after successfully creating an account. On pre-ordered devices, the program will be downloaded automatically.

What Is the Truth Social Video Upload Process?

Here are some instructions that can let you upload any type of video to Truth Social.

  • Give the new truth option a tap to publish a video to Truth Social.
  • Once it’s opened, select the camera icon by tapping on it.
  • You will have the choice of recording new videos or uploading ones from your collection.
  • Select the video you want to share, input the Truth, and then publish it.
  • You will post your video to your Truth Social account.

If you wish to upload photographs to Truth Social, follow the directions above. On Truth Social, the procedure for uploading photographs is the same. To post a video to the Truth Social web app, adhere to the same procedures.

How Can I Share Links on Truth Social with Others?

You can share links with people on Truth Social in addition to videos and photos. Follow the instructions below to learn about the feature.

  • To share a link, copy it first. Then select the “New Truth” button.
  • Write your Truth and include the URL in your message.
  • Post it now on Truth Social App as a regular Truth.

How Do I Upload Additional Media to Truth Social?

There are more forms of TRUTH besides text messaging. Along with your Truth, you may submit pictures, videos, and links here.

Tap the camera icon after selecting “New Truth” to add an image or video to your truth. Either upload an image from your gallery or take a picture and submit it right away. Type the Truth after selecting your image, then post it.

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If you wish to share a link with others, copy the URL, click the “New Truth” button, type your truth, add the URL below, and then submit it just like any other Truth.

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