Why Does Stacy Arrest Dwight in Tulsa King Season 1?

This past Sunday marked the end of the first season of Tulsa King, and boy, is there a lot to talk about. The 36-minute conclusion was jam-packed with payoffs, the two biggest of which were the death of Ritchie Coster’s portrayal of biker gang boss Caolan Waltrip and the information that ATF agent Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage) had survived her gunshot wound from the previous episode.

(Beale’s survival may have been an inevitability, but it was great to have it confirmed so early in the episode.) Through flashbacks, we also learned more about the precise terrifying/tragic incident that put Dwight in prison 25 years ago.

Review of Tulsa King’s Season One, Episode Nine, the Climax

tulsa king season finale

Someone sends a real estate attorney to the present, where he rescues Dwight from the FBI interview. The General next pays Stacy a visit while she is in the hospital. She informs him of the awful news. Waltrip most likely retired permanently. He has a sizable bank account and shady ties across North America, possibly even in Mexico.

Dwight promises to track him down so he can make amends with her. Why? as she is hanging out with a known felon. Waltrip, on the other hand, is still in the area and, if I may say so, he is a true son of a bitch. He collects the troops and declares that they won’t be hiding. One of The Black Macadams has the audacity (or, in this case, stupidity) to say what no one else has the guts to. The FBI and ATF are… Bam! Waltrip shoots him in the head.

Dwight is informed by Armand that Chickie, Vince, and Goodie are visiting. They confront these individuals head-on and are prepared for battle rather than fleeing and hiding. At their hotel, they confront the group, and Dwight is direct. His hometown is this. He has his own family now and answers to no one.

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tulsa king season finale

Even more unexpectedly, Dwight informs Goodie he must join his group and gives him three seconds to make up his mind. Why? Who the hell wants to work for Chickie, I suppose? Goodie chooses to join The General, not to work for the insurance company, which is the best course of action for him.

The group then adjourns to the beds at Bodhi’s house after Dwight channels his inner Braveheart with a speech that inspires them. The drug dealer/hacker reveals his true worth. He gains access to Waltrip’s account and takes his $8 million in cash. At the same time, the FBI is investigating Waltrip’s computer. The money vanishes out of thin air.

The FBI is bewildered. Waltrip is upset when he notices his account is empty. Stacy is subsequently presented with Dwight’s retirement package, which includes $1,000,000 in her account. Bodhi is assisting in this. She was given an encrypted flash drive, and the money seemed to be in a Swiss bank account, so we infer that.

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tulsa king season finale

At Mitch’s house, the group gets organized as their bikes show up. Waltrip and his boys enter the building when the legendary Phil Collins song In the Air Tonight is playing, set off a trip wire, and have some real rated-R home-alone adventures. Standing up behind the bar, Dwight and his companions start shooting.

When other bikers with machine guns arrive, Waltrip takes cover using one of his men. Tyson receives a shot. Likewise, Armand. The hero is Grace, who kills two bikers before Tyson and Dwight are put to death. Waltrip is thrown against the wall and then into some antlers by Dwight as he sees him trying to run. He then shoots him to put an end to the danger.

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Why did Stacy detain Dwight in Tulsa King Season 1’s climax?

Three months later, the season is over. At Margaret’s horse ranch, Dwight is hosting his daughter as his grandchildren are riding his horse. When the new casino opens, he also takes his daughter to a dance. Currently, Goodie is in charge of Dwight’s new company’s casino division.

In fact, Mitch is doing “Ramblin Man” on stage rather competently. Dwight and his daughter have fun dancing. The FBI grants Stacy a reprieve, so she arrests Dwight. Say what? What is the charge against Dwight that Stacy is holding him for? Dwight is taken into custody by Stacy in order to receive a warning and a six-month suspension with one stipulation.

Not until she appears that evening at Dwight’s big opening do we learn what that is. Dwight is taken into custody by our favorite ATF agent for buying a federal agent. Phil Collins is playing him off as they drive him away while handcuffing him.

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Why Is Dwight Arrested?

tulsa king season finale

Three months have passed since Waltrip and Black MacAdam are vanquished by Dwight and his crew. As his daughter Tina and grandchildren arrive in Tulsa to meet him, we observe Dwight spending time with them. Spencer teaches the boys how to ride horses at the Fennario Ranch where Dwight takes them.

Later, once Mitch’s restaurant has been renovated, he runs across Margaret and invites her to the debut of his new restaurant/casino. But Margaret says she won’t be there since she has other plans. Dwight and Tina have a father-daughter dance during the premiere while Mitch sings a song in honor of Dwight.

The celebrations are abruptly ended, though, when Dwight receives a call from an unknown woman outside the eatery. Dwight notices Stacy waiting for him, so he’s astonished to see the ATF showing up to take him into custody. A stunned Tina is made to relive her youth in the concluding scenes as the ATF arrests Dwight for bribing an ATF officer and drives him away.

The conclusion of the episode reveals that Stacy has stopped shielding Dwight for good. Because of her connection to Dwight, she almost lost her job. She must agree to one of ATF’s requirements though if offered the chance to start over. That demand turns out to be Dwight accusing her of being bought off, which results in the mafia boss’s capture.

In the end, Stacy wins when Dwight takes care of Waltrip for her and stops him from expanding his criminal enterprise in Tulsa by having him arrested. Therefore, it is possible that Stacy had this in mind from the beginning. Dwight is currently at risk of receiving a second prison sentence and is depending on his friends outside to intervene on his behalf.