Twins of Mariah Carey Compete in Hilarious Fashion Show Video!

Twins of Mariah Carey Compete in Hilarious Fashion Show Video!

The twins of Mariah Carey are accustomed to being in the public eye, and they certainly appear to be enjoying themselves.

Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon and their children, Moroccan and Monroe, were the focus of the singer’s social media posts on Saturday after she shared a funny video of them competing.

The twins, who are 11 years old, pose for the camera while walking down a red carpet runway with a front-row audience. They strike all the proper postures down the catwalk like real runway naturals, but soon a brawl breaks out as the couple fights for visibility in the midst of the cheers and camera flashes.

The entertaining footage shows Monroe moving in front of her brother before the twins start fighting before security pulls them apart.

Twins of Mariah Carey Compete in Hilarious Fashion Show Video!

Even momma Mariah participates in the joke by acting shocked that her children would fight in any situation. Her sense of humor throughout the entire post, including the caption

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The making of this video didn’t cause any harm to children. Carey just commemorated a significant achievement for her daughter. For the back-to-school advertisement Today is Someday by OshKosh B’Gosh, which also starred Carey, Muhammad Ali, and Outkast, Monroe served as the face.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Monroe wanted to lead, but it appears Moroccans had other ideas. Fans compared the video to Carey’s controversial “Heartbreaker” music video, in which she battles a brown-wigged version of herself.

On social media, Carey frequently emphasizes her close relationship with her kids, or as she refers to them, “dem kids.”

She asked Moroccan and Monroe to assist shoot the music video for her song, “Fall in Love at Christmas,” during the holidays. The twins appear in a cute scene where they are seen hugging their famous mother.

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