Twitter Debate: How Many Wheels Are Made Every Year?

Twitter users all over the world are still sharply divided over the door vs. wheels poll, days after it was initially posted.

The question of whether there are more wheels or doors in the world quickly escalated into a heated online discussion, with people sharing their various viewpoints on the topic in droves across social media.

However, how many wheels are produced globally every year? This could be the answer to the never-ending conundrum…

What Are the Doors vs Wheels Debate?

Twitter Debate: How Many Wheels Are Made Every Year?

The question of whether the globe has more doors or wheels has recently taken over the social media platform Twitter.

On March 5, 2022, New Zealander Ryan Nixon tweeted a poll that has since received over 220,000 responses and 16,000 likes.

There were a total of 223,347 votes cast, with 46.4% favoring doors and 53.6% favoring wheels.

In just a few days, the initial tweet generated an enormous amount of interest online and spread to other social media sites.

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How Many Wheels Are Made in The World?

Twitter Debate: How Many Wheels Are Made Every Year?

In 2020, around 77.9 million automobiles were manufactured in the world. That’s 389.5 million wheels annually if every car has five plus spare tires.

Daily production of about 364,000 bicycles equates to an annual total of 132,860,000 bicycles and 265,720,000 bicycle wheels.

At least 1.5 billion automobiles and nearly 1 billion bicycles are in use worldwide.

As an added note, Lego produces over 306 million rubber tyres annually for its construction kit toys. In 2010, this number reached an all-time high of 381 million.

More than a billion wheels are manufactured annually for use in bicycles, automobiles, and Lego toys alone.

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How Many Hot Wheels Are Made per Year?

Twitter Debate: How Many Wheels Are Made Every Year?

More than six billion Hot Wheels have been sold since 1968, and it is estimated that 16.5 are manufactured per second.

That’s more than the total number of vehicles produced and sold by GM, Ford, and Chrysler combined.

There are only about three billion wheels total across all of the bikes, vehicles, Lego toys, and Hot Wheels in the world.

And let’s not even discuss the other wheels. Wheels can be found in more places than only cars and bikes, such as in office chairs, miniature drawers, and the balance wheels of mechanical timepieces and small clocks.

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