Twitter will receive Reddit-inspired functionality

Earlier this year Twitter announced that they were testing a new feature that would allow users to downvote replies to posts. Obviously they didn’t make any official reference, but this is a feature that was clearly inspired by Reddit.

The new Twitter addition has already been tested by a small group of iOS users, but it’s over for not advancing much further until this month. Since the beginning of October, several users have reported receiving access to the downvote button, although it has not yet been officially revealed.

Now, the well-known Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that Twitter will bring the new button to its web version. Don’t expect big shows or jaw-dropping news. It will just be a small button with an arrow pointing downwards, but it could become quite useful.

Twitter web downvote button Reddit

Twitter should announce new button in the web version soon

During the presentation of the feature in June, Twitter guaranteed that the downvotes will not be publicly presented, being only visible to the user who pressed the button. However, the guarantee was only given for this testing phase.

It seems unlikely that the social network will not end up taking advantage of this implementation to assist in moderating comments. For now, it seems that they will stay away from the original use of this button on Reddit, which serves as a guide for ranking posts in the feed.

This is not the only new thing that is being tested by Twitter, and it has already been confirmed that they are developing new tools to increase interactions on the platform. One of these tools is the implementation of reactions with emojis, similar to what we’ve had on Facebook for a long time.

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