The Unsettling Meaning of The ‘Umbrella Thing’ on Tiktok Scares Users

How educational is TikTok? Sure! However, the program also provides ample warnings and explanations for avoiding specific sections of its content.
Many users have been traumatized by the recent trend known as the “umbrella thing,” and as if that weren’t bad enough, users are now puzzling over an even more perplexing new phenomenon.
Here, therefore, is the meaning for those who are still wondering. Yet, we feel compelled to forewarn you; it is unsettling.

The ‘Umbrella Thing’ Has Become a Major Trend on Tik Tok.

In the past few days, a single video has dominated the conversation among TikTok users.
In the video, a young woman sits and fans herself with both hands, as one might do if overheated during the summer.
The popular video provides no context or background information. But it’s appropriate for the caption “when he performs the umbrella thing.” Users of the program have essentially taken it upon themselves to provide their own interpretation of its contents.
Some have speculated that the umbrella-related theme of the fad stems from Tom Holland’s dance to Rihanna’s hit song of the same name, while others have pointed to the theft theme.
In contrast, if you trust Urban Dictionary, it means something quite different.
umbrella thing tiktok

Users Are Disturbed by Its Meaning.

The following explanation contains unsettling and detailed sexual information, so be advised.
The term “umbrella thing” is not one whose definition might be found with a quick Google search.
Urban Dictionary is the only place to find an explanation for the alarming trend’s core concept.
It’s a sexual act in which one’s entire forearm is inserted into a woman’s genitalia. Although it is referred to as a “pleasuring” activity, many TikTok users find it upsetting and confusing.

Tiktok Users Face New Challenge

Many who have looked up the word in Urban Dictionary are now wishing they hadn’t, while others who are unfamiliar with it are coming up with their own amusing interpretations.
One participant reported, “I looked and noticed a wet umbrella and a little umbrella, still perplexed but also disturbed.”
Another said, “Now that I know this, I don’t know how I feel.”
Distressed yet another user wrote, “The umbrella thing, something I regret looking up on urban dictionary.”
umbrella thing tiktok
“I’m astounded from the definition in the urban dictionary,” said one shocked TikTok user.
“I can’t believe I looked that up in the urban dictionary. You look like you might need some help, babe. “This is real talk,” added another.

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