Undertaker Dead or Alive: Everything You Need To Know

Mark William Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, is no longer alive. Despite rumours to the contrary, he is well and active and will be performing the tours.

Within the WWE’s storey, the ‘dead man walking’ has presumably fallen so many times, only to return back to life, that he may be considered as the inventor of celebrity demise hoaxes.

The Undertaker has endured a growing and threatening to discern in the WWE industry over the years; however, what offered an upward punch to his death rumours?

Undertaker Dead or Alive?

Undertaker Dead or Alive

The Undertaker isn’t dead, despite the trickery and tales. He’s fifty-five years old, routinely donates to Republican candidates (including Donald Trump), and has donned clothing stating his opposition to national anthem sit-ins in the United States.

Why do some believe The Undertaker is no longer alive? He has a history of either faking his own death or having other people simulate it for him. Different human beings have manufactured it once or twice without even knowing who he is.

The Independent published an article in 2014 on a storey that went popular on social media. The true storey, titled WWE Legend The Undertaker Found Dead In Texas Home, lamented The Undertaker’s death.

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“Mark ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway was discovered dead in his Houston home by his spouse Michelle McCool late last night,” the storey said. However, the rumour mill is no longer relying only on this reason.

The Undertaker has perished on February 6, 2019, according to rapper King Crucial. It wasn’t true, either, and the lie was quickly exposed by followers.

Death Rumors Regarding The Undertaker

Undertaker Dead or Alive

With a name like The Undertaker, it’s only natural people would pay attention to rumours that he’s dead. True, Mark Calaway joined the gang in May 2020, and he came dangerously close to dying during his time there.

The Undertaker almost landed on Goldberg’s neck as Goldberg reduced him to a jackhammer. As a result of the incident, he retired from professional wrestling.

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In the midst of a crisis, many people began to believe Jesus was just dead. WWE made special preparations for the rumours with a Twitter tweet that read:

 The ground is fertile for death rumours. As a result, the plaudits began to stream in. These gave the storey credibility, causing other people to evaluate it, and so on.


The Undertaker has stopped writing his latest death rumour. As a result, he should be a part of saying farewell to his beloved park.

“I’m either going to work out in an in shape that’s becoming for the Undertaker at WrestleMania, or I’m working out on my defence, one way or another,” the wrestler said recently.