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Update Kodi on All Devices Using This Guide

Update Kodi on All Devices Using This Guide

Update Kodi on All Devices Using This Guide

Updating your Kodi is crucial for staying up-to-date with the latest features and security updates. This guide will show you how to update Kodi on any device, so you can enjoy all of its benefits! Follow this guide to learn how to update your version of Kodi safely and easily. You’ll be able to keep using it without interruption or worry about missing out on new features. Plus, if there are any bugs in the system that need fixing, updating will take care of them automatically!

We love Kodi because it’s multi-platform and adaptable, which is something we appreciate. We’re all waiting for the next version of Kodi because it improves our favorite services’ integration and introduces more exciting add-ons and repositories to the table, much like Android upgrades. Although the Matrix build is one of the most significant upgrades, players are still on the older Leia version. This is because Kodi does not have an in-built upgrade system, so users must update it manually. We’ve compiled this comprehensive how-to on updating Kodi for any device in 2021 to make the shift to Matrix smoother and quicker.

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In 2021, you’ll be able to download and install Kodi on almost every device.

Kodi is compatible with almost all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, Chromebooks, iOS, and more. We’ve organized a one-stop list below so you may quickly get through the article. With that said, let’s get into the article. As usual, you may simply use the table of contents below to quickly go through the material and access the sections for your devices.

Update Kodi on Windows

Kodi has a huge following on the Windows platform, which accounts for a larger community that can assist and solve issues. And in this instance, the Windows community has provided numerous methods to upgrade Kodi.

You have several alternatives for updating using the official Microsoft Store, Kodi’s official website, or a standalone add-on. We’ll go through all of the techniques in this part so that you can pick what you like best. Let’s start with the one that is the most simple.

Kodi from the Microsoft Store

Yes, it’s true. Kodi is available for installation and updating from the Microsoft Store. There’s no need to download an additional offline installer, and installing it manually is a pain. I am happy to see that Windows is improving and becoming increasingly modern in terms of app management. Follow these instructions to update Kodi on Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store.

If you’re a Kodi user, then you know that one of the best things about Kodi is that it’s always being updated with new features and content. But keeping your Kodi installation up-to-date can be a hassle, especially if you have multiple devices. Luckily, we’ve put together this guide to help you get Kodi on windows 10, so you can get the latest and greatest Kodi has to offer. But in order to keep Kodi running smoothly, it’s important to keep it up to date.

From the Kodi official website, you can uninstall Kodi.

However, the majority of Kodi users are known to update their software through the official website. It’s a tried-and-true technique that has been utilized by most people for the last several years. However, I believe that updating Kodi from the Microsoft Store is the most effective option right now. We’ll show you how to update Kodi using the official website, nevertheless.

Go to this website in your browser and select the build from the menu.

If you’re not sure what your PC’s architecture is, click ‘My Computer’ and then go to ‘Properties.’

System type, architecture build, and language are all listed beneath this tab. There is also the option of choosing ’64-bit’ or ’32-bit.’ The following link will take you to the GitHub repository of the game. Make a note of it and obtain the appropriate build from the above URL.

After that, install Kodi on top of the existing Kodi setup and click Yes during the installation process. You may rest confident that your add-ons and repository will be preserved.

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With a standalone add-on, you may install and use Kodi on the fly.

There’s a specific add-on in the official Kodi repository that can keep Kodi up to date without leaving the Kodi app. There’s no need to restart your browser. Simply install the extension, and you’ll be able to upgrade to any update channel, whether it’s stable, nightlies or dev builds. So let me explain it to you this way.

Select the ‘Install from repository option and then select your preferred Kodi to build. Select Install Add-ons and then Install from Repository. If you’re prompted, type RUN as root to confirm installation on the first boot. Now go back to Step 1 of this process to install the required updates for Kodi Jarvis if it’s not already installed. If you Now, select the ‘search’ option.

In your Firefox browser, go to the Mozilla Add-ons website. From there, choose ‘Add a new search engine.’ On the page that appears, click on the button that says “Search add-ons.” Choose a name for your search engine and enter a description of what it will do if it is approved. Select whether you want to use

Type “windows installer” into the YouTube search bar, then press “OK.”

Then, click the Installer button for Kodi on the left side. Select your version of Windows from the drop-down menu. After that, select “Script-Kodi Windows Installer.”

Click the ‘Install’ button after you’ve selected all of your desired options.

Click on the Save icon (the one that looks like a floppy disk) in the upper right corner of the window.7. Select ‘Yes. To complete installation, hit OK after selecting your language and closing all other dialog boxes. After doing so, select “Run” on the drop-down menu to begin Windows Installer installation. To get started, select the Kodi update channel. Choose ‘Nightlies’ if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Choose ‘Stable Releases’ for the stable build.

That’s it. It will start downloading the most recent build and will continue to update Kodi after installation.

Update Kodi on macOS

Because Kodi is not available on the Mac App Store, you must download updates for it from the official website. It’s rather simple and straightforward. Here are the instructions to follow.

On the Mac App Store, go to Kodi’s download page and select the Installer(64BIT) option. It will begin to download the latest Kodi DMG file.

After that, navigate to the folder where you saved the installer file. Then, double-click on it to start the installation process (see fig. 2). After that, type CMD+V into the Application folder to replace the old Kodi build.

If you have an old version of Kodi already installed on your Mac, it will request that you replace it. 1. Go to Settings 2. Select system 3. Choose Software 4. Choose Add/Remove Software 5. Highlight and select Kodi 6. Click Open 7. Select your country from the drop-down menu 8. Repopulate with necessary data 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Update Kodi on Linux

Run the following command in the Linux Terminal.

If Kodi is up to date, it will indicate that it is already the newest version. In this section of the setup process, if an update is available, it will ask you to press “Y” to continue the download. After that, Kodi will be automatically downloaded and updated to the most recent version on Linux. That’s pretty simple, right?

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Install Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV

Because you must sideload the program from another device to update Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV, the procedure is a little more time-consuming. The procedures for installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV are very similar to how we installed it on the Amazon Fire Stick. So you may simply follow the instructions from the linked article to update Kodi on Fire TV.

To summarize, you must first download the most recent Kodi APK from the official website and transfer it to your Amazon Fire TV. Install the APK using a file manager to replace your existing Kodi setup. That is how you upgrade Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV.

Update Kodi on Android

Kodi is now officially accessible on the Google Play Store, which means you can download it without any issues. So, if you’ve installed Kodi from the Play Store, you can update it in a few minutes. Even if you installed the Kodi APK from the official website, you may upgrade it to the most recent version through the Play store. Here’s how to go about it.

Open the Google Play Store and search for Kodi. Launch it. If any new updates are available, there will be an ‘Update’ button. The Play Store will start downloading Kodi when you tap on it. That’s it.

Update Kodi on iOS

It’s a sad tale for Kodi on iOS. Kodi is not currently available on the App Store, therefore there are hacky workarounds for the time being. In addition, if you wish to update Kodi on your iPhone, you must go through the same time-consuming procedure.

Because there is no official path to update Kodi for iOS devices, you must use third-party app stores. To install the new, updated build, you must go through the same installation procedure as Kodi from the ground up.

We’ve put up a short tutorial with explanatory images and directions to assist you to update Kodi on iOS devices. Follow the same procedure, and Kodi will be updated to the most up-to-date version. If you followed the instructions above and restarted without exiting Safe Mode, your add-ons, reports, and customized settings will be wiped. As I previously stated, it’s a tragic tale.

Update Kodi on Chromebook

If your Chromebook has Play Store compatibility, then updating Kodi is a snap. It’s not uncommon. If you don’t already have it, you’ll have to start from the beginning and it will be inconvenient. Nonetheless, we’ll show you how to update Kodi on a Chromebook for both sorts of devices in this section.

For Play Store Supported Chromebooks

Open the Google Play Store and search for Kodi.

If there is a new update waiting, you’ll see the ‘Update’ button, similar to what it’s like on Android phones. Click on it, and Kodi will be updated to the most recent version.

Chromebooks Without Play Store Support

You’ll need to start from the beginning with Android TV devices. You’ll have to do the same things you would with iOS devices. Unfortunately, this implies that you’ll have to reinstall Kodi on your Chromebook again. We’ve already posted a simple tutorial on how to install Kodi on a Chromebook for devices without Play Store support.

Follow the same procedures mentioned in the aforementioned link to install a current version of Kodi on your Chromebook. When you upgrade to a fresh version, all of your add-ons, reports, and personalized settings will be lost.

Turn on Kodi on Xbox One

Kodi is accessible over-the-top (OTT) and on the Xbox One. If you want to update Kodi on your gaming console to the most recent version, simply follow these few basic instructions. Because Xbox One is a Microsoft product, you may install and update Kodi through the official Microsoft Store. Here’s how it’s done.

You can also use Microsoft’s Xbox app to buy and download apps, videos, music, and games. You may upgrade Kodi from the console’s Xbox App Store in addition. The technique is very similar to the one above.

Install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi

Because Raspbian, a Linux-based fork of Debian OS, runs on Raspberry Pi, you can simply update Kodi using just a few easy techniques.

Follow the steps below in order to update your Pi. to verify that your system is up-to-date, use the following commands in a terminal window on your Raspberry Pi. It will first update the repository, and then it will install the most recent update.

If there is a new version of Raspbian available, it will automatically download and install it on your Raspberry Pi. That’s it. If you don’t see anything indicating that an update is available, you’ll be prompted with, “Kodi is on the most up-to-date version.” Keep in mind that after a while, Kodi will receive the most up-to-date version of Kodi owing to driver compatibility difficulties, so be patient.

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Update Kodi and Enjoy All The New Features

So, that’s our guide on how to update Kodi on any device and benefit from the new features. Kodi is open-source software, so keeping it up to date on every platform with strict app store rules is difficult for the business. So, in order to keep your Kodi installation up to date with the most recent version, we’ve supplied alternative methods for you to use on any of your devices.

So far, I’m pleased with how Windows is developing and how Microsoft Store has been improving lately. If you’re a Windows user, installing and updating Kodi through the Microsoft Store is highly recommended. But there are some drawbacks. For starters, it will not be able to play legitimate Premium add-ons (or any other type of legal content), because they all utilize the same plugin that Kodi does. Meanwhile, submitting an application has become easier than ever before; only a few clicks are required for most users to get started at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Name of My Kodi Version?

Go to Settings – System Information – Version Info at the bottom of the screen to view Kodi’s version.

What Should I Do If My Add-ons Aren’t Working?

Update an add-on by going to the ‘Add-on’ page and searching for it. In the Add-on section, select the Developer option. Select Manage from the drop-down menu. In the window that appears, go to Package Installer and choose it from there. Select Yes under Open Quick Access Charm or Use Permissions Forks -> Here, type in your add-on name, and Kodi will display a list for Open it, and if there’s a newer version available, you should see an update button.

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