Cool Uses for NFC Tags You Didn’t Know!

Cool NFC Tag Applications

1. Automate Sleep Mode With NFC

You may configure the NFC Tags to switch off Bluetooth, shut off Wi-Fi, activate a quiet profile, and launch the sleep mode alarm app by using apps like NFC Tools. After that, put the “NFC tag” close to your bed.

I use this to make sure I get a decent night’s sleep in addition to saving battery life. It is also possible to configure the NFC tag to switch the setting on and off in the morning. You just need to tap to undo the modifications when you wake up. Not only that, but you can make the most of NFC tags on your smartphone by using a variety of additional apps.

2. Set Kitchen Timers

One of the most useful tools for me when cooking in the kitchen is the iPhone’s timer feature. The process is made much simpler in the kitchen when an NFC tag is used. All I have to do is tap the iPhone on the tag to immediately begin the timer. To find out more about it, see this tutorial.

3. Run Siri Shortcuts on iPhone

One of my favorite iPhone features is definitely Siri Shortcuts since it allows for a plethora of new options that would otherwise be unthinkable. You may program those shortcuts to run automatically by using an external trigger, like NFC, and the command will be executed perfectly. As an example, you may program a shortcut to launch and play your preferred movie on Apple TV each time you tap the NFC tag that is attached to the TV cabinet.

4. Use NFC to Connect to Bluetooth Device

Since the headphone jack was eliminated, Bluetooth gadgets have grown in popularity. However, the tedious connection process that frequently ruins the atmosphere is the issue with Bluetooth gadgets. NFC is already embedded into many Bluetooth devices, but if yours isn’t one of them, you can use NFC tags to rectify that.

uses of nfc tags

When NFC tags are put close to speakers, apps such as BT Tag Writer can save the pairing information in the tags. You may now effortlessly connect in a matter of seconds by tapping the tags whenever you wish to play music.

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5. Pay Bills Using NFC

Even though paying bills is one of NFC’s primary functions, it still merits a spot on this list due to its utility. You may pay straight from your NFC-capable smartphone using NFC PayPass, eliminating the need to carry your purse. The nicest feature is that neither your bank account nor credit card is accessible to the vendor. It’s even better if your credit card is NFC equipped; just remove it from your pocket, wave it over the pad, and replace it.

Numerous stores in the United States, Japan, and even India are already taking NFC payments.

6. Track Your Car Mileage

With the aid of the MyLog mileage logbook, you can keep track of your vehicle’s mileage and do financial calculations. This program calculates your car’s daily cost and mileage using NFC tags that you may put in your car.

7. Use NFC in Your Car

Turn on Bluetooth, link your phone to your entertainment system, and program NFC tags to launch Google Maps—all while shutting off WiFi. In a similar vein, before you exit the automobile, return to the previous settings.

8. Use NFC to Set a Smart Alarm

This is something to try if you have trouble getting out of bed. You may set an alarm that will only go off when you scan an NFC tag by using applications like Sleep as Android. Naturally, it’s a good idea to store NFC tags in areas other than your bedroom, such as the living room or bathroom.

You will have to get out of bed and walk all the way to the NFC tag in order to switch off the alarm when it goes off the next morning. A smart alarm that wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase is another benefit of utilizing the app. It does this by tracking the accelerometers on your phone. Examine it.

9. Emergency Call/Text

If your children are at home and unable to write at this time, or if you are simply curious if they made it home without incident while you are at work. After that, you may set up NFC tags to send you messages or SMS on your phone number. Your youngster can then learn to just tap the NFC tag with their home phone. We’ll go over a few of the programs that you can use on TechWiser to program NFC tags in a moment.

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10. Use NFC To Call Mom

Going on, I’m sure you adore your mother, but you don’t give her a call too frequently. You don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day to give her a call, though. All you have to do is configure NFC tags to contact your loved ones, then store the tag next to the fridge, photo stand, or other item. All you need to do is wave your phone over their photo the next time you see it to make it work.