USTVGO: Explore 5 Best Alternatives of USTVGO in 2023!

A free live TV streaming website with over 80 stations is called USTVGO.TV. Simply click on any station you want to stream from USTVGO; no subscription is required.

The delay time is short and the video player is straightforward. The website offers some premium live TV channels for free, despite being a rather dubious streaming platform overall.


USTVGO is a great website to visit if you only want to watch live TV from US television shows. USTVGO is a relatively clean website with few or no ads, in contrast to many other sites that have a clunky user interface and a lot of them.

More than 80 high-quality live television channels, including popular ones like Disney, WWE Network, Fox, HBO, truTV, Cartoon Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, Discovery, NGC, History, ABC, Showtime, Science, NBC, TCM, CBS, CMT, Cinemax, CNN, and others, are available on the website.

The app’s biggest feature is its simple video player, which loads fast and provides buffer-free streaming over a respectable internet connection. A well-liked streaming service that offers free live TV streaming from the USA is called USTVGO.

Features of USTVGO

  • More than 80 Live Channels
  • Easy Video Player with no pop-ups or redirects
  • a fluid user interface and simple navigation
  • Live streaming channels across all genres.

Alternatives of USTVGO

1. DaddyLiveHD


The best alternative to USTVGO for internet TV streamers is now DaddyLiveHD. It’s an enormous library of TV series and networks that provides far more stuff than USTVGO ever provided. There are plenty of US, UK, and foreign TV stations to choose from, along with a manageable amount of commercials.

We observed broadcasts from prominent events such as Formula 1, Wrestlemania, PPV boxing matches, and more, as well as broadcasts from ESPN, FOX, CBS, and Sky Sports.

There is no 4K material and streaming resolutions range from 720p to 1080p. Given that DaddyLiveHD is a free streaming website, we’re not shocked that there isn’t a DVR recording feature. You won’t have any problems with quality when watching all the newest TV series and sporting events in 1080p.

Although the website has a simple and unattractive design, the majority of free broadcasters prioritize appearance over functionality. Users report no issues with streaming, and the interface makes it very easy to access every station.

It goes without saying that the website itself states that it does not host any of the content, making it impossible to authenticate streams and potentially unsafe ultimate domain destinations.


ustvgo offers over 80 live TV channels, all of which are free to watch. This includes popular networks like ABC, ESPN, and HBO. As one might expect from a free service that offers premium channels, the interface is somewhat simple and there is some intrusion of advertisements.

Be cautious when viewing the advertisements on this website. In addition to being many, several of the advertisements opened up when we merely clicked on a menu item. A significant portion of them were likewise devoted to sexual content, and others promoted the adoption of unreliable third-party browser software. Still, if you’re using a decent ad blocker, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

One of our best-rated ad-blocker add-ons for Google Chrome, AdBlock, handled those intrusive advertisements on our behalf. If you decide to utilize TV247 and see any advertisements, avoid downloading any software that is being provided.

Users who use an ad-blocker claim that their cable TV network channels continue to load and play without any issues. We are unable to confirm the legitimacy of these broadcasts and are unsure of their sources because they are not hosted by the website.

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3. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is a reliable source of live TV material and has been around for a while in the free streaming community. The list of live TV channels to stream can be found by scrolling down the homepage. Even though sports are the main focus of Stream2Watch, there are many more channels available.

Please be aware that several major ad filters are typically blocked from this page. Given that you can’t actually utilize this website without one, this is a bit of a conundrum. If you visit Stream2Watch using just your browser, navigating around becomes very hard due to how many adverts it has. Nevertheless, we were able to effectively explore the website thanks to Adblock Plus, a free utility that works incredibly well.

There was a lot of content here, otherwise. Many international regional TV channel streams are available through Stream2Watch. There were a ton of BBC channels available in the UK, along with Canal+, BT Sport, CBS, FOX, CNBC, and many more. However, without a VPN, antivirus software, and an ad blocker, the majority of internet streamers wouldn’t visit this USTVGO substitute.

4. StreamEast


StreamEast is a sports-oriented substitute for USTVGO, providing numerous streams for NFL, CFB, NHL, and other sports. Though there are no other TV series or movies available, its specific focus makes it ideal for sports aficionados. Nevertheless, this makes it the best location to see the major athletic events. Additionally, it is among the top Vialpay substitutes for American, British, and Canadian audiences.

You may see a schedule of the closest future games in a number of sports right on the homepage. You can watch feeds from Sky, BNC, FOX, and more sources. This website does have a flaw, though: it tries to stop you from utilizing a VPN. We were greeted with a landing page instructing us to stop our VPN when we tested the website using Intego Privacy Protection.

Without a VPN, we wouldn’t advise utilizing free streaming websites. This is particularly valid for platforms that might not be in possession of broadcasting rights. Nevertheless, we’ve provided this USTVGO substitute so you have the most choices. To access StreamEast, use Surfshark; using this premium VPN, we were not blocked.

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5. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is completely free to use, and you can access the platform’s content without creating an account. Although there aren’t any well-known cable channels available here, there is a sizable selection of TV series and films. They are sorted into personalized Pluto TV channels, which have titles like Horror, Documentaries, Throwback to the Nineties, and many more.

It’s quite simple to identify your specialization thanks to all of this. We should point out that the media player takes up the majority of the screen when viewing Pluto TV on a smaller device, like a laptop. It is somewhat challenging to view more than a few channels’ schedules at once. However, it won’t affect how you interact with the information in any way.

You don’t need to have an account to view hours of free stuff. Because of this, it’s a fantastic substitute for USTVGO for users who prefer a simple, elegant UI to the hassles associated with unofficial streaming websites. Every stream is legitimate, safe, and authentic. But to utilize it outside of the United States, you’ll need a VPN.