On Tik Tok, the Vegeta Cult Has Updated Their Profile Pictures to Include Green Jackets.

On TikTok, the latest fads aren’t usually centered on the videos that serve as the service’s primary content format. When a change to a user’s profile picture becomes popular on the site, plenty of other people usually follow suit and update their own images. The Vegeta Cult is the most recent fad to spread throughout the network in this way, but unlike most cults, it isn’t very dangerous.

The Vegeta Cult: What Is It?

Just as its name implies, the Vegeta Cult is devoted to the worship of Vegeta. It’s a community of Vegeta fans on TikTok, united by their shared appreciation for the anti-hero from Dragon Ball Z and related media. Vegeta, the prince of the alien species, the Saiyans, is famous for being proud and for having evolved from an antagonist into a reluctant hero. Upon this evolution, admiration for Vegeta has increased drastically, leading to a rise in demand for the collectibles inspired by the character. Fans on Tik Tok and other social media platforms are seen sporting a Vegeta green jacket as an expression of love and support for their favorite Saiyan.

On Tik Tok, the Vegeta Cult Has Updated Their Profile Pictures to Include Green Jackets

TikTok user @ vegetatard is credited with starting the cult in June of this year, and if you share their enthusiasm for the character, you’ll feel right at home among them. It’s as simple as updating your profile image (PFP). However, there are some guidelines about the appearance of your PFP that you should follow.

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Changing Your Pfp Is the First Step in Becoming a Vegeta Cult Member.

Your new profile photo must feature an anime character donning Vegeta’s signature green ‘SAB’ jacket if you want to be accepted into the Vegeta Cult. Thankfully, images of numerous characters donning the garment can be seen online. To switch to a different persona, you need to do nothing more than update your profile photo.

As a new member of the Vegeta Cult, your first order of business is to flood your social media accounts with promotional material. These messages are an effort to recruit more people and grow the cult. The ultimate goal of any self-respecting TikTok cult is to overwhelm the platform and leave those who haven’t joined them bewildered. It appears to be working so far.

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Among the Many Popular Anime Characters, Vegeta Stands Out.

On Tik Tok, the Vegeta Cult Has Updated Their Profile Pictures to Include Green Jackets

It is not surprising that Vegeta would seize control of TikTok in the manner he has. One of the most well-known figures in the history of anime, he is an antihero with a penchant for making conceited and boastful statements. Many viewers look to Vegeta to balance out the show’s protagonist, Goku, who is so pure and nice.

It’s possible that Vegeta is one of the first anime characters to dominate TikTok, but he certainly won’t be the last. Vocal and unafraid to show their allegiance, anime fans make up a sizable subculture. Even though Vegeta is one of the most well-known anime characters, there are many others that anime fans might rally behind to take over TikTok.

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