What Is a Vent Book? Tik Tok Viral Trend Frightens Users!

Quick to go viral, the “Vent Book Trend” is the latest TikTok fad to sweep the internet. We have the full rundown for you if you’re curious.

TikTok has already gained widespread notice through popularizing cultural phenomena such as the Adult Swim and beer poster movements, among others.

Some users are now using the popular “vent book” format to reveal intimate details about their lives. But there are those who aren’t happy about it.

What Is a Vent Book?

What Is a Vent Book? Tik Tok Viral Trend Frightens Users!

A “vent Book” is a personal journal in which the author uses visual depictions to document and process emotional states. Many readers have found comfort in this book as a manner of dealing with difficult times.

As an added bonus, the book is useful for those times when they simply can’t put their thoughts into words. Keeping a “vent book” is a common practice among those who find it therapeutic to express their emotions visually.

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Viral Tiktok Trend Explored

What Is a Vent Book? Tik Tok Viral Trend Frightens Users!

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen a bunch of individuals posting excerpts from their books with the hashtag #ventbook.

Some websites even have directions and video demonstrations on how to make and conceal such a book. Over 18 million people have seen content with the hashtag right now. However, its origins remain mysterious. It should come as no surprise that additional users quickly followed suit.

Some people have even been inspired by the fad to begin their own notebooks. Some people even appear to think that a vent book’s purpose is to draw pictures of mushrooms and eyes. To be honest, none of these things relate to the deeper significance of these notes.

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Why Is There Resistance to This Trend?

What Is a Vent Book? Tik Tok Viral Trend Frightens Users!

As was previously noted, many people turn to vent books as a means of self-care. Many users are upset by the trend because they feel it trivializes mental health problems.

A user explained, “The fact that it’s a trend now makes me want to cook someone alive. I’ve had a vent book for years because my therapist recommended it to me.”

Someone another chimed in, “The whole point of a vent book is to keep it to yourself. Hopefully, this won’t become a widespread practice.

Another user echoed these sentiments in a remark titled “Warning!! It’s not a good aesthetic choice and it shouldn’t be considered one. People that need to express their emotions freely employ this.

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