Victoria Fuller Plastic Surgery: Breast Implants and Injections! What She Has Said?

Beautiful girl! Victoria Fuller, star of Bachelor Nation, was gorgeous when she first competed on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, and she’s somehow improved her appearance since then. Has she had cosmetic procedures? Read on to learn everything we know!

Victoria Fuller Underwent Plastic Surgery, Right?

The native of Virginia Beach hasn’t spoken openly about having surgery, but it was discovered that she had breast implants prior to making her season 24 debut.

Her “revenge body” and “revenge boobs” were obtained after a bad breakup, according to her ABC bio, which was first made public before the show’s January 2020 premiere. She “loved” her updated appearance, according to the bio, but those words were quickly removed. It’s unclear why the contestant’s bio was changed by the network.

Did Victoria Fuller Receive Injections?

Victoria rarely comments on her appearance, but in September 2020, she dispelled rumors that she was getting injections to alter the shape of her nose.


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A commenter on Instagram asked, “Why does her nose keep getting bigger?” Does anyone know if she injects her lips and nose? At this point, the nose resembles a caricature. She didn’t appear this way on television, in my memory.

No, bitch, I don’t inject my nose, the influencer clapped back. Unusual flex, but fine.

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What Treatments Did Victoria Fuller Receive?

When it comes to other procedures she’s had, Victoria Fuller has been fairly open. In order to stop wearing contacts, she underwent Lasik surgery. She also visited a spa to try Morpheus 8, a micro-needling procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to remodel and contour the face. The stunning brunette has also provided a very thorough analysis of how to have her back tattoo removed.

Victoria wrote via Instagram in January 2021 about the tattoo, which appeared to be a sizable dreamcatcher and was located between her shoulder blades: “I have four tattoos — this one being the largest reminder I no longer want or need.” Wish I had been able to tell the 19-year-old me, “NO!”

victoria fuller plastic surgery

A tattoo takes an hour, the medical sales representative said, adding that the procedure “hurts a lot.” It will take me more than a year to have it removed. Make sure to bear that in mind.

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The reality TV starlet acknowledged that while she is not against tattoos, she felt that getting rid of her own was the best move. By the way, I don’t have a problem with people getting tattoos, she said. “They may be beautiful, in my opinion. But my own is no longer useful to me.