Viral ‘you Should Kill Yourself… Now!’ Meme Explained

Many humorous new memes have gone viral throughout the year 2021.

Just a handful of the most well-known memes from the year are Anakin and Padme, Marie Callender Burnt Pie, and Bernie Sanders at Vice President Biden’s Inauguration.

Another popular one is “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” which, despite its ominous ring, is not at all morbid.

Where did the meme originally originate? Let’s go into its beginnings.

Who Made the “you Should Kill Yourself… Now!” Meme?

The “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” meme has probably shown frequently on your Twitter feed during the past year if you use it. The image that became a meme shows an actual popular YouTuber named Low Tier God surrounded by lightning.

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The phrase “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” appears next to his face. Discord was where the photoshopped image initially surfaced, but where did it come from?

Explored Meme Originations

The meme is connected to the YouTube feeds of Low Tier God or Dalauan Sparrow.

A participant in the Japanese video game series Street Fighter, Low Tier God is a gamer.

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He yelled “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” to the other player on a Super Smash Bros. stream in April 2021, and the line quickly became a meme.

Following its virality, the meme was utilized to respond to events on social media.

Low-Tier God Disqualified from Capcom Events

Low Tier God was prohibited from attending any Capcom-affiliated events till further notice not long before the outburst by the Japanese video game publisher and developer Capcom.

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After a video of him criticizing another streamer leaked, he did this.

The video included a different incident with streamer CeroBlast, who had recently come out as non-binary, and was not related to the “You Should Kill Yourself… Now!” tirade.