Voicemail Not Working on Your I Phone? Here’s how To Fix It

Voicemail, like faxes, may be becoming obsolete as new kinds of communication, such as email and SMS, proliferate. But it’s clearly still around, and many people use it. I use it to avoid talking to individuals I don’t like (“sorry, the voicemail ate your message.”) But what if your voicemail suddenly dies on you? You, of course, do. Before you give up and call your mother, here are some things you may do if the voicemail on your iPhone isn’t working.

Check to See if Voicemail Is Enabled.

Let us begin with the obvious. Is your voicemail even activated? There is a simple way to check. Scroll down to Settings->Phone. Voicemail is enabled if you see the option Change Voicemail Password.

If you don’t see it, it means your voicemail is turned off and you need to enable it. To do this, open the Phone app and scroll down to Voicemail.

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Close the Phone App and Reopen It.

voicemail not working on iphone

If voicemail is enabled, the next possibility to explore is that the Phone app is broken. Then it’s time to force-close and reopen it. Yes, it may sound like a cliche, but restarting things works in the vast majority of circumstances.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view floating windows for each open app. Swipe left or right until you reach the Phone app, then swipe up to dismiss it. Return to the main screen and press on the Phone icon once more to re-launch it.

Toggle Mobile Data on And Off.

Is your iPhone voicemail still inoperable? The next step is to determine whether there is a problem with your mobile data plan. You can accomplish this by turning off and on the mobile internet data. To do so, navigate to Settings->Mobile Data and toggle the Mobile Data option off and on on the next screen. In the United States, it is referred to as Cellular Data rather than Mobile Data. It’s a European phenomenon.

If the mobile data reconnects without a hitch, then that isn’t the problem. If it doesn’t come back on, perhaps you should pay your phone bill?

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Examine for I Os Software Updates.

Next, does your iPhone require an operating system upgrade? Some device functionalities may be temporarily blocked until an iOS upgrade is applied, particularly if beta features are involved. To discover if anything is pending, navigate to Settings->General->Software Update.

Reboot Your I Phone.

voicemail not working on iphone

Now, restart your iPhone. Yes, the old restarting cliche is back, but it’s best to test it and rule it out first. Your voicemail may only require a slight push in the correct way, and in many cases, a device restart is all that is required to flush the gremlins out.

Make Sure that Call Forwarding Is Turned Off.

Whether voicemail is still rolling over and acting dead, the final “simple” thing to try is to determine if call forwarding is turned off. If it’s turned on, calls are definitely being routed to another number and not reaching voicemail. It might also explain why your phone isn’t ringing in the first place.

Call forwarding can be enabled or disabled in Settings->Phone. Scroll down to Calls and select Call Forwarding.

If the toggle on the following screen is set to green, call forwarding is enabled. Toggle it off, and the green will turn grey.

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Contact Your Phone Company.

If you’ve gotten this far, the problem is clearly more complicated and technical than a few basic tweaks. It’s now time to call your phone company to see if the voicemail service is down and, if so when you can anticipate it to be operational again.

We can’t go any further into this issue because there are so many phone providers around the world that we couldn’t reasonably cover them all. Simply go to your carrier’s website and look for the customer care section. They generally include an online chat option, so you may not even need to converse on the phone.

Having said that, we’ve covered how to set up and use voicemail for three major US carriers. Could these pages be of assistance?

Is Your Voicemail Still Not Working? Please Contact Apple Support.

If everything else fails and even your phone carrier is baffled, the last resort is to contact Apple Support. Is there a problem with your phone’s voicemail software? Perhaps the most recent iOS update messed with your voicemail (see what I did there?)

It can’t hurt to send them a brief message to make sure the problem isn’t on their end. You can even contact them via your phone’s Apple Support iOS app.