‘VPR’ Reveals Signs of Sandoval and Raquel’s Affair, Including 1 A.M. Dirty Dancing: ‘Where’s Ariana?’

Raquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules was subjected to slut-shaming following her kiss with Tom Schwartz, and her coworkers began to speculate about her relationship with Tom Sandoval, including Lisa Vanderpump who questioned why he was grinning with Raquel.

Indicators of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ relationship began to surface on Vanderpump Rules on Wednesday. The co-owner of the bar Schwartz & Sandy’s wasn’t hiding his illicit liaisons when he requested Raquel to sit between him and Tom Schwartz while she was working.

Lisa Vanderpump observed Raquel’s realization that she was “in trouble,” but she also noted how ecstatic Sandoval, 40, was to be near the pageant winner. “Why is it so appealing to you? She said to her business colleague, “You’ve got a smile on your face,” to which he stuck out his tongue and rubbed his palms together.

Following that, Raquel, 28, asked both men if they had talked to their co-star Katie Maloney, who was incensed that Raquel and Schwartz, 40, had engaged in sexual activity after she had constantly begged both of them not to.

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'VPR' reveals signs of Sandoval and Raquel's affair, including 1 a.m. Dirty Dancing: 'Where's Ariana?'

Without elaborating, Sandoval said that he had spoken to 36-year-old Katie earlier in the day and that she had referred to Raquel as “a little f—ing w—-.” Raquel found it hard to believe. “Katie is very obnoxious and unpleasant. She said, “I’m always striving to develop and become a better version of who I was.

“I think trying to be liked by other people has been a big thing that has been a roadblock for me,” she concluded. You may surround yourself with individuals that either charge or deplete your batteries. I don’t want that in my life, and all the females drain my batteries.

She was like, ‘You know, Schwartz doesn’t need to go around like f—ing all of our buddies,'” Sandoval continued, recalling his interaction with Katie. You’ve got to be kidding me, like.

“Why does she think we’re doing f—ing?” Raquel questioned, and Sandoval jumped to her defense. “I was like, ‘That’s not the case,” he remarked.

Raquel was urged to “do your thing” and give their commands by Sandoval, and Lisa informed him that “you probably really upset her now.” He immediately called for Raquel and put his hand on her shoulder to check on her.

I mean, I don’t enjoy being called a w—- and being slut-shamed for having sex with someone, the woman retorted. That is unacceptable. “Yeah, I don’t think it is either,” Sandoval said in agreement. In an interview, Sandoval admitted, “I didn’t anticipate Raquel being so upset about Katie calling her a w—-.”I assumed she would simply brush it off. But I do want her to be aware of what others are saying.

“I interpret that as an eye roll. It’s a chuckle. Then he said, “I feel like Raquel doesn’t have a lot of people in her corner, and she’s a really sweet girl. That’s what it is, though,” assuring Raquel. There is not a bad bone in her entire body.

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'VPR' reveals signs of Sandoval and Raquel's affair, including 1 a.m. Dirty Dancing: 'Where's Ariana?'

Back at Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s home, the singer spoke to his then-girlfriend of nine years about how “it’s tough to talk to you about stuff” since she had just authorized him to deposit sperm to fertilize her eggs.

Before Ariana, 37, spoke, Sandoval said, “I feel this summer specifically, like whenever I try to bring any sort of point up, I feel like you—” She was then informed by him that “you literally never agree with me.” We’re entitled to have various viewpoints, Ariana said.

Sandoval admitted, “I know, but it becomes irritating. “I’ll explain a situation to you that feels like it’s been going on for the past few months. When I tell you anything, it seems to me that you are extremely eager to accept the other person’s point of view. I’ll express my perspective.

I don’t want somebody to ever have my back without any conditions, but sometimes it simply feels like you’re questioning my intelligence, he continued. In some ways, you think I’m an idiot.

Tom, I wouldn’t be with anybody I felt was an idiot, first of all,” Ariana said. Second, if I felt you were stupid, I would always be so kind to you because I would be thinking, “Oh poor thing.

When he continued, saying, “Sometimes I feel like I simply bother you,” Ariana jokingly said, “Well, Tom. You intentionally irritate me.

Sandoval said that he got her joke, but added that he also experiences that even “when I’m not doing it on purpose.” We’ve been together for a long time, Ariana reassured him as she comforted him more. You have no idea how obnoxious I am.”

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'VPR' reveals signs of Sandoval and Raquel's affair, including 1 a.m. Dirty Dancing: 'Where's Ariana?'

Ally Lewber, the girlfriend of Raquel’s ex-fiance James Kennedy, however, said that she “saw Sandoval and Raquel dancing together at The Abbey” in West Hollywood following James’ performance as a DJ at Sur’s See You Next Tuesday event.

Ally said, “I thought it was kind of weird,” to James. “We were asking where Ariana was at like one in the morning.” “I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with it, I guess, to have my boyfriend out at 1 a.m. with girls,” she said in a confessional, “but everyone’s different.”

James said, “I’ve noticed how much Raquel has been hanging out with the Toms, both of them,” echoing her sentiment. Therefore, best of friends these days.

Oliver Saunders, the eldest son of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais, was not really divorced from his wife when he and Raquel started their romance, as Raquel discovered later in the episode.

When his wife revealed the issue on social media, her co-star Lala Kent learned about it. At her birthday celebration, Lala, 32, reacted by saying, “This bitch sat across from me and goes, ‘You’re a mistress.'” I wouldn’t be so ready to hurl a dagger at you, bitch. Bitch, I bet your mother is really proud of you. There is a distressed woman on the other end of this.

Katie said, “She never gives the woman on the other end of it any thought. She has never. She shows no concern. She said in a confessional, “This is Raquel we’re talking about, so I don’t know why we expect her to make a wise choice.”

She kept enjoying the irony and referred to Raquel as a “dumb bitch.” She said that, but Sandoval didn’t like it. He added, “You seem to get a lot of joy out of that. I don’t get a lot of joy out of it.” she said. To me, it’s just humorous.

She claimed Sandoval didn’t believe her, saying, “I’ve seen Katie over the years by a very proactively vindictive person, so she’s savoring this like the best piece of wagyu steak that you’ve ever had.” Sandoval claimed this in a confessional.

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'VPR' reveals signs of Sandoval and Raquel's affair, including 1 a.m. Dirty Dancing: 'Where's Ariana?'

Sandoval was not going to get off that easily, as Katie reminded him, “You get a lot of joy out of Raquel as well, I think.” “Yeah, cool person,” he said.

She said, “You go to The Abbey together at one o’clock in the morning,” and Sandoval feigned ignorance. What the f— are you talking about, dude? Man, get the f— out of here! he yelled.

After learning about Sandoval and Raquel’s extramarital connection in early March, Ariana canceled her nine-year marriage to the co-owner of Tom Tom. Raquel and Sandoval have both apologized for their roles in the affair. To discuss the effects of their affair, all parties will participate in the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

The individuals who are promoting his affair the most are, you know, the squad of it all, according to Sandoval, who also appears to have singled out his female VPR co-stars for doing so.

He said, “I don’t know, man,” when asked how Raquel was faring after entering a “voluntary facility for mental health counseling” last week. There is no commentary on it. According to her representative, Raquel entered a program in Arizona, a plan she had been thinking about for some time.

“Raquel and her family decided that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling before the relationship was discovered,” her spokeswoman told PEOPLE. She was supposed to attend the pre-reunion, but she changed her mind because she still had filming to do. The producers at Bravo were aware of and supportive of her efforts to improve her mental health.

Her representative stated that she is not enrolled in a “rehab” program, but rather in one that focuses on “mental health and trauma therapy.”