What is Walmart Plus? Its Cost, Features & More Updates in 2023!

Walmart introduced Walmart Plus, a yearly membership club, almost three years ago. Members of the program receive discounts at the petrol pump in addition to in-home food delivery. I joined Walmart Plus in September 2020 and have been a member since then.

As an early adopter of the program, I have saved money and time. I always know right away whether to keep my Walmart Plus membership or cancel it when it comes time for it to renew.

Any family who buys at Walmart, relies on the store for its affordable grocery pricing, or desires quick, free shipping for shopping ordered through Walmart.com will find Walmart Plus to be the ideal partner. When you consider the savings on gas, video streaming subscriptions, early access to sales, and other benefits, the annual fee of less than $100 for Walmart Plus becomes really reasonable.

As Walmart Plus members, my family has utilized the program for a variety of purposes, such as expedited delivery of a new TV to our home or indulging in marathon viewing of shows like “Mayor of Kingstown” and “1923” on Paramount Plus.

Do you have any questions regarding Walmart Plus? For all the information you require to enroll in (and make the most of) this annual membership, continue reading.

Walmart Plus: What is it?

The membership structure of Walmart Plus is comparable to that of Amazon Prime. Members obtain exclusive Walmart Plus discounts and privileges that are only available to individuals who sign up for the service by paying a monthly or annual subscription.

Members enjoy discounts on gasoline and third-party services, free returns from home, the ability to easily scan and pay at Walmart retail shops using their mobile device, and more in addition to specials and delivery benefits from Walmart.

What are the Benefits of Walmart Plus?

walmart plus

The largest time-saving incentive for Walmart Plus members is free home delivery on fresh groceries and other in-store Walmart products. Members also enjoy many additional benefits and perks. All you have to do is shop via the Walmart app or online, then choose a delivery time. Orders must total $35 or more to qualify for this incentive.

Additionally, members get early access to promotions and deals, free, quick returns from home, special rewards on select products at Walmart stores, and fast, free shipping on hundreds of products sold on Walmart.com. They may also use the Walmart app to scan and pay in-store. In addition, certain gas stations are offering discounts on petrol, while both Pluto TV and Paramount Plus are offering video streaming.

Additionally, exclusive third-party discount offers from businesses like ABC Mouse, SiriusXM, Pawp pet care, Cinemark theaters, and more are given to Walmart Plus members.

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What is the Cost of Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus’s annual cost has stayed at $98 since its introduction, in contrast to Amazon Prime’s annual subscription, which appears to be increasing every year. An additional option is to sign up for Walmart Plus, which costs $12.95 per month. The annual or monthly price may be subject to additional taxes, and members are allowed to discontinue their membership at any moment.

Does Walmart Plus include Paramount Plus?

Customers of Walmart Plus are also entitled to a Paramount Plus Essential Plan, which does not include live TV streaming but gives access to the whole library of over 30,000 films and television series on the streaming service. Ads must be watched by plan users as well. To utilize your Paramount Plus subscription, sign in via the Walmart Plus website and consent to provide Paramount Plus with your membership information for verification.

Does Walmart Plus include Sam’s Club membership?

Sam’s Club membership is not included with Walmart Plus, although Sam’s Club gas stations offer fuel discounts. The following gas stations are involved in the Walmart Plus gasoline discount: Murphy USA, Murphy Express, Walmart, Exxon, and Mobil.

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What’s the Difference between Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime?

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Apart from the annual subscription fee that seems to be constantly increasing, Amazon Prime frequently seems to be connected to the Amazon app and website. Walmart Plus membership gives Walmart customers access to early access to in-store specials on days like Black Friday and beyond, as well as in-store savings and options like mobile scan and paycheck-out.

While Amazon may collaborate with Whole Foods and run actual stores like Amazon Go in certain areas, in-store savings via Walmart Plus appear far more accessible given the retailer’s enormous reach and abundance of locations.

A Walmart staffer at the closest Walmart location personally shops each fresh grocery item ordered by Walmart Plus members for home delivery, making sure to select everything on the list or, in the event that a product is sold out, finding a comparable substitute. The member’s grocery order is delivered to their home in a matter of hours, ready for storage and use all week long.

Walmart Plus collaborates with companies like Pluto TV and Paramount Plus to give subscribers with video streaming, whereas Amazon Prime offers services like Prime Video. The fuel discount, however, is the Walmart Plus member benefit that my family has benefited from the most.

There’s always somewhere nearby where I can save money on petrol when it’s time to fill up because so many gas stations are part of the 10-cents-per-gallon discount program.

Are you ready to give Walmart Plus a try? To determine whether Walmart Plus is a good fit for your family’s spending needs, you can easily spend a month thoroughly exploring all of the program’s perks by taking advantage of the free 30-day trial that the service gives to new users.