Warzone Season 5- Will Verdansk Return in Warzone Season 5?

Many players and content creators alike are hoping Verdansk will return in Season 5 so they can play it one final time before Warzone 2 is released. Before clamoring for Verdansk’s return, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To some, it conjures images of a bygone era of gaming. A lot of people spent their time in 2020 playing online with a large group of friends and fighting to be the last team standing.

In the end, fatigue set in and the players were looking forward to a new map. Caldera was finally released in December of 2021, but it was met with mixed reviews and calls for Verdansk to be reinstated.

Will Verdansk Return in Warzone Season 5?

Players have taken to social media to demand the return of Verdansk as a final farewell to the map before the release of a new chapter in Warzone in 2022. A NASA representative is among those who have joined the chorus of displeasure.

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Musician Marshmello and other Call of Duty content creators have tweeted their support for bringing back Verdansk, one of the game’s most popular characters. Calls for the return of the map to the battle royale have been made by the likes of ‘IceManIsaac, ‘Jordy2d, JaredFPS, and OpTic’s Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane.

Will Verdansk Make a Comeback in Season 5 of Warzone? Even though we’ve stored the map in our minds, retrieving it will be difficult.

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It’s a good question whether or not Verdansk should be brought back, with many saying that the map holds a special place in their hearts, but it is far from perfect in a technical sense. That doesn’t take into account the fatigue that many players who have played Verdansk repeatedly have developed.

While Verdansk had its share of issues, Caldera has a leg up on the competition thanks to a brand new map and a slew of bug fixes.

If Raven Software wanted to “fix” Verdansk, some fans suggested that they take the good aspects of Caldera and incorporate them into Verdansk, but this would be a huge undertaking for the development team; in addition, its value would be short-lived with Warzone 2 on its way.

Even though we all miss Verdansk, we don’t expect the map to return anytime soon. I don’t think it’s worth the effort to remake it so that it’s not only better to play, but also compatible with Warzone’s weapons, items, kill streaks, and so forth.

Warzone Season 5 New Content, Leaks & Rumors

We don’t know much about Season 5 yet because Season 4 is so recently concluded. Vanguard can almost certainly expect new weapons (at the very least), as well as new multiplayer maps. CoD: WWII’s USS Texas map made its way into the 2021 title in Season 4. After that, these weapons will be included in Warzone.

In Season 4, we also got a new map, so we can expect a new look for Caldera, Rebirth, and Fortune’s Keep, but not a completely new environment. We’ll be the first to let you know about new Season 5 content as soon as it’s available.

The Season 5 Battle Pass Is Full of Rewards

This season’s Battle Pass includes two free weapons, but you can also get a new Operator, Blueprints, and more as you progress through the game.

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The “Kyubi” Legendary Operator Kitsune skin shown above is an additional perk for purchasing the Battle Pass Bundle during the first two weeks of the season’s launch.

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