Was SZA May be Hit by A Train? Explained: The Obscene Twitter Hoax!

Singer SZA was allegedly killed after being hit by a train, according to numerous online reports.

Social media users claim to have seen a video of the American singer, 31, getting ran over by a vehicle, causing widespread panic among her 31 million followers.

Where did SZA go? Is it true what I hear?

Did SZA Get Hit by A Train?

Was SZA Maybe Hit by A Train? Explained: The Obscene Twitter Hoax!

SZA is alive and well and has not been killed or harmed by a train.

She has posted several times in the last 24 hours on her Instagram Story, so the singer seems to be doing fine.

She’s just the latest victim of the endless stream of celebrity hoaxes; don’t believe the rumors.

It’s clear that the train in question wasn’t the subject of discussion here…

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The Train Hoax Explained


It was stated in the SZA hoax that there was footage of the singer getting hit by a train. But this is not the case.

This is all an offensive sex joke and there is no SZA train video.

A 2020 story claiming she was hit by a train before her fame appears to have triggered the controversy.

The story claimed that SZA was “run on by a train” after discussing the beef between her and Drake.

The phrase “run on by a train” does not refer to a literal train disaster on the internet.

It’s a slang term for when several guys have sexual relations with the same woman in rapid succession.

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Fans Fall for The Hoax


Many people around the world were duped by the malicious hoax and worried sick that the singer had actually been hit by a train.

The Twitter user “Just heard SZA got a train ran on her” expressed this sentiment. I’ve got the flu, and it’s not my baby’s fault!

Why are so many people trying to find the clip of Sza being hit by a train? That’s a really weird request to make, seeking a video of an injured person, guys… Someone wished SZA a speedy recovery, “.

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However, Others Caught onto It Straight Away


Moreover, a third person stated, “Tell me why I felt SZA real life got struck by a train yo. It’s a shame that nobody in the real world got the joke.

Another remarked, “I don’t care if these SZA train rumors are genuine or not, but if they are, where do I apply to join this train?”

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